Jodocus Interview JiraCon 21

Your talk at JIRACON21 is coming up, how did it come about?

For some time now, I've been working on the question: Can we manage large environments with the Atlassian Jira Cloud? I thought JIRACON21 was the perfect event to highlight and discuss this topic in the Atlassian community. After all, unlike Server or Data Center, finding a solution for managing large instances in the cloud is a bit trickier. Apps like Structure or ScriptRunner can help – and from my project experience I know more tips and tricks to better manage large environments in the cloud. Without further ado, I applied to speak on this topic at JIRACON21 and was accepted. However, I will now be presenting a different topic – no less important.

That means you spontaneously changed your topic again?

Yes. I noticed that there were only a few topics on technical cloud migration planned in the speaker list. Since this area is very important and I deal with it every day together with Jodocus, I have now put the focus of my presentation on a different question: How to successfully migrate your Server to the Atlassian Cloud? After all, with Atlassian Server shutting down in February 2024, this affects everyone in the Atlassian community.

How do you approach your presentation on successful cloud migration?

First of all, I will prove the reasons for migrating to the Atlassian Cloud with some facts and figures. For example, that 95% of new Atlassian customers are already choosing the cloud. Then I will talk about Atlassian's migration program and discuss the methods.

Atlassian provides many resources for successful cloud migration. You're giving away a few more key insights, right?

Exactly, Atlassian provides many documents and also excellent support on cloud migration. In addition, I would like to share some experiences from past cloud migration projects. At first glance, they are simple things that you should definitely know as an Atlassian expert when doing a cloud migration. Because often there is a simple solution just waiting to be used. For example, one should request certain tools from Atlassian via support ticket to migrate faster. In addition, there are Flags – features that can only be enabled by Atlassian – but which are not in Atlassian's official documentation. Here, for example, we are talking about site imports that would sometimes take 10 hours or more, but are done in less than an hour with Atlassian's help.

Apps are also a big topic in cloud migration. Do you address this?

Yes, apps are a central component of a successful cloud migration. In addition to recommendations for useful and alternative apps to Server apps or Data Center apps, I will also discuss the analysis of existing apps. After all, before migrating to the cloud, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by only migrating the apps that the company actually uses.  

Besides the technical aspects, is there anything else you need to pay attention to for a successful cloud migration?

Absolutely. Admins and migration engineers performing the migration absolutely must have full access to all data. However, some customers initially refuse full access to all data – sometimes due to data protection reasons. Then it's a matter of convincing with the right arguments and preceded by trust. That's why I also give one or two tips that are not only of a technical nature – to strengthen trust between the customer and the service provider. I know the same from the cooperation and projects with Jodocus: You become part of the company for a certain period of time and get full access to all data. So you can also look forward to valuable tips on communicative cooperation with your customers.

What else can you say about working with Jodocus?

There is a unique team spirit that the employees not only live among themselves, but also share with their customers and partners like me. Clear agreements and responsibilities are just as much a part of this as shared motivation and fun at work. The latter comes about primarily through exciting customers and correspondingly exciting projects. So I'm happy every time I work with the Jodocus team to develop solutions for customers. In addition, as an Atlassian expert, I particularly appreciate the close collaboration between Jodocus and Atlassian. This is more than just support – it's a great exchange that gives me many exciting insights.

One last question: What are you looking forward to most about your presentation at JIRACON21?

Definitely the discussions and the Q&As – simply the exchange among like-minded people in the Atlassian community!


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