Strength comes from cohesion - and skill

PARTNERSHIP is a top priority for us: We maintain a partner network with leading technology, system and IT companies. This ensures our customers comprehensive process and technology expertise - for the optimal use of Atlassian tools in every area and every industry. Our partners include:

ALM Works

ALM Works develops products to improve software application lifecycle management and software development processes. ALM Works was founded in 2004 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and joined the Atlassian ecosystem in 2007. Since then, Structure for Jira has become our flagship product, helping our customers organize, manage, and plan complex projects. ALM Works is growing rapidly and opened a global headquarters near Boston, MA in 2016.In December 2021, ALM Works was acquired by Tempo, a leading provider of time tracking and capacity management software.


Actonic inspires people with customized solutions so that they have all they need to unfold their full potential. Their services consulting, training, development and support are based on honesty and transparency and customers worldwide are fascinated by the innovative product range including Report Builder, Timesheet Builder and GDPR (DSGVO) and Security for Jira and Confluence.

Alpha Serve

Alpha Serve is a software development company that develops enterprise-grade solutions and BI connectors to help companies from all over the world increase their performance and optimize business processes. We contribute reliable and large-scale tools for leading products on multiple platforms, including e-Commerce. There is a great list of products developed for Atlassian, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Shopify, and Our main goal is to become the leading multi-platform app developer for professional enterprise software.


Amoeboids helps companies improve their work culture, collaborate and increase customer success. Amoeboids solutions enable companies to connect goals with execution in a dynamic business environment and increase the efficiency and productivity of teams in their organization. Amoeboids' approach is to simplify processes, increase accuracy, and use automated processes and tools that save time and money while maintaining high standards for data security.More than 1,000 customers around the world - from Fortune 100 companies to startups - use Amoeboids apps to connect their teams, unify their systems, and drive their business forward.


Appsvio consists of a team of creative and technically skilled people. Thanks to their long experience with Atlassian products, they know users' needs and try to meet them by creating dedicated apps. Their goal is to increase the efficiency of teams involved in different stages of the software development process. Appsvio is a small group of specialists for whom quality comes first. Here, everyone is fully committed to their work. And that's what allows them to efficiently invent and develop new solutions for their clients. Their portfolio includes apps for Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence. Appsvio collaborates with: INTEL, Shutterstock, BNP Paribas, Texas Instrument Company, Pinnacle, Nike.


B1NARY is a group of experts that combines years of experience in agile project management with outstanding app development skills. Our mission is to accelerate enterprise teamwork through better workflows and agile processes. For this purpose, we work in a very customer-centric way and use the latest cloud technology from Atlassian to develop Confluence and Jira apps, which are characterized by profitable features as well as a particularly good UX.


Caelor develops easy-to-use app extensions for the Atlassian Cloud Ecosystem. Their highly engaging, innovative, and user-friendly Jira and Confluence apps for technical and business teams are used in numerous solutions worldwide, by small and large companies across various industries. Optimize your internal processes, streamline your workflow, and power up your productivity by adding fun to the functionality of Atlassian products. Bring your team together, drive your business forward and make a happy workplace happen!


As an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner and Gold Marketplace Partner, Decadis has been an integral part of the Atlassian ecosystem for more than 10 years. They offer many years of experience, especially in the areas of: Consulting, License Management, App Development, Workshops/Trainings and Support. The teams in Germany (Koblenz / Munich) and Spain (Seville) offer 100% know-how at the very highest (and Atlassian certified) level. Decadis offers with the xApps a selection for Jira and Confluence that help to get the most out of the Atlassian tools. Among the leading and top-rated solutions for automation on the Atlassian Marketplace is Jira Workflow Toolbox. Other apps from Decadis enable smart reporting, better instance management and professional content management.


Born in 2018 as a spin-off from Valiantys, a consultancy specializing in the Atlassian tools, Elements develops and markets apps that optimize working with Jira and Confluence to enable teams to work more efficiently. More than 3,000 companies including Airbus, Apple, BBC, Nike, Oracle, Walmart and Walt Disney trust our Connect, Spreadsheet, Copy&Sync and Publish apps.


Exalate is the only cross-enterprise integration solution with a decentralized architecture. It ensures complete control for each side: there is no central entity controlling the synchronization process. Users decide for themselves what information to send, receive and how to present it. Exalate is also very flexible thanks to its built-in scripting engine. With Exalate, integration can be set up for Jira, GitHub, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps, HP QC/ALM & more.

Getint: Jira Integrations Platform

Getint platform is an enterprise-ready platform to integrate Jira with Jira, ServiceNow, AzureDevOps, Zendesk, Freshservice, and many others. Integrate your data bi-directionally, in real-time. This platform can work fully behind the firewall. The Getint team offers custom development and scripting to meet the most challenging cases. Apart from the integrations, you can also migrate your historical data. Join 1,200+ customers including BMW, Deloitte, Capgemini, and Fujitsu.

Hello Clerk

We think that many apps in the world are so complicated and confusing that they drive people crazy. It shouldn't be that way. 🙌 And we're changing that.We're a small team of passionate designers, developers, and dreamers. We make fintech apps for Jira Cloud and help businesses automate boring routine tasks.Our apps are made for people by people ❤️. People love our products because they get more free time to do great things and change the world! 🤗


Fine Software, the team behind JXL, is an Atlassian Marketplace Partner founded by Atlassian alumni and co-funded by Atlassian Ventures. The fast-growing flagship app, JXL, is used by many of Atlassian's largest customers. JXL is a breakthrough issue editor and organizer that combines the power of Jira with the familiarity and convenience of Spreadsheets. Users can create and directly edit issues in highly customizable tables, copy and paste fields, group and structure issues in customized hierarchies, and more. Successful deployment with many of Atlassian's largest customers proves it: JXL scales easily and remains fast and powerful even with large amounts of data. No matter what you use Jira for, JXL will save your users countless clicks and hours.


Jexo simplifies project management in Jira, making it easier for teams to plan and manage their work together in one place. The team develops intuitive project management apps that help prioritize, plan, and track work in Jira for software, products, marketing, strategy, and more.


K15t's mission is to get the most out of Atlassian for everyone. With innovative apps and services, K15t extends Atlassian products to over 5,000 organizations worldwide. Scroll Apps for Confluence enables teams to collaborate on content and documentation. Backbone synchronizes Jira assets across projects and instances, enabling seamless collaboration across teams.


Meetical is a well-known software company that specializes in developing innovative apps for Atlassian Jira and Confluence. Their excellent track record, including two Atlassian Codegeist awards, has made them a trusted provider of cutting-edge solutions for teams looking to improve their collaborative efforts. The Meeting Management App for Confluence is their flagship product, which has received widespread recognition. They have also introduced two new apps: Task Reports for Jira, which simplifies task management with consolidated dashboards, and Easy Calendar Integration for Jira, which allows all users to subscribe to calendars. Meetical's profound expertise in agile working practices and dedication to enhancing team productivity, streamlining workflows, and fostering a collaborative company culture makes them an ideal partner for organizations seeking to optimize and automate their work processes.

Polymetis Apps

Polymetis Apps is a leading provider of modern apps for Atlassian products – Jira and Confluence. We specialize in developing secure, innovative and cool apps that make work easier for teams. We are experts in our field and love nothing more than helping teams achieve more with their Atlassian products. Ready to protect your data and to improve productivity?


RadBee is an Atlassian solution partner providing strategic, end-to-end services to the MedTech and Pharmaceutical industry. Our close work with our customers inspired the development of our Atlassian Marketplace Apps. Our flagship App, Jira Snapshots for Confluence, has fans across many industries. As enterprises move from Agile teams to Agile organizations, there is an urgent need to open the Jira silo. With Jira Snapshot, it's easy to put everyone on the same page, even if some stakeholders are not on Jira.


Tempo is a global SaaS company that delivers and ensures integrated time tracking solutions. This enables organizations to leverage best-in-class time management tools to drive their success. Tempo's solutions make it easy for customers to track and understand their most utilized resource. Companies use the product to develop an aligned understanding of work and gain insight into the true value of time. Tempo began as a homegrown time tracking solution in Reykjavík, Iceland. But it has since grown to support more than 20,000 customers around the world. The company currently has a team of over 100 employees in Iceland, Canada and the US.


Xpand IT stands for inspiration and outstanding results. So they invest in IT mastery to generate market value. As a global company specializing in Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Data Science, Middleware, Digital Xperience, and Collaboration and Development solutions, they have leading-edge products and services used by Fortune 500 companies. For honest and good cooperation with more than 200 customers in the service area and more than 5000 using their products in 80 different countries, Xpand IT is appreciated for its technological knowledge and "Passion for Excellence".


Yasoon develops advanced apps that connect Microsoft and Atlassian applications to make digital work easier, more productive and more transparent. The apps bridge the gaps between programs and people. That's why Yasoon develops smart apps that connect Microsoft and Atlassian applications in a smart way. Their deep knowledge of the Microsoft and Atlassian worlds enables them to provide more than 3,000 companies with solid solutions that simplify digital workflows and help customers grow together.

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Become a partner: Developing something together

Good collaboration usually pays off, welds together and sometimes opens up completely new possibilities. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with a focus on cloud technology, we support small businesses to enterprise customers in their process optimization. In doing so, we like to rely on trustworthy partners with whom we can implement new projects smoothly and securely. Do you also cultivate such a culture in your company and with your customers? Then we look forward to getting in touch with you and perhaps we will already be designing the next project together.