Atlassian Opsgenie: Elevate your incident management to a new level

Atlassian Opsgenie is the solution for modern incident management. As an alerting and incident response tool, it helps detect incidents at an early stage and enables a swift response, including resolving the underlying issue.

With its comprehensive integrations, automated notifications, and powerful analysis features, Opsgenie promotes seamless collaboration and ensures that critical information is neither overlooked now nor in the future. Opsgenie empowers DevOps teams to proactively plan for service interruptions, minimize downtime, and respond quickly to incidents – maintaining control at all times.

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Reducing response times for DevOps incidents with Atlassian Opsgenie

Atlassian Opsgenie ensures uninterrupted IT service by serving as a comprehensive incident management platform, enabling businesses to identify critical incidents in real-time and ensure a swift response from the appropriate personnel. The tool provides features for the detection, prioritization, escalation, communication, and tracking of disruptions and incidents in business operations. It receives and centralizes alert notifications from various monitoring systems, evaluating them based on importance and temporal relevance. These alert notifications are then forwarded to the respective personnel to ensure that the right individuals immediately work on the incident and can efficiently resolve it.

To optimize information flow and issue resolution while minimizing response time, teams are promptly notified through multiple communication channels. To achieve this, Opsgenie seamlessly integrates with popular chat tools. In addition to a variety of ChatOps tools, there is also the option to integrate with over 200 leading monitoring, collaboration, and ITSM tools – including Jira Cloud. The direct linkage with corresponding Jira tickets provides deeper understanding and enables Dev and ITOps to respond even more efficiently to incidents.

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Features of Atlassian Opsgenie

Reliable alerting

Opsgenie makes sure that no critical alert goes unnoticed, providing your team with the information needed for immediate issue resolution. It ensures that individuals relevant to each incident are notified through various communication channels such as voice calls, emails, SMS, and push notifications on mobile devices. If an alert is not acknowledged, Opsgenie automatically escalates it to guarantee that the incident receives the necessary attention. Opsgenie can also group alert notifications and filter out irrelevant ones, allowing you to receive only what is relevant to you to respond even faster.

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Dynamic reports and analysis

To gain insights into operational performance and identify areas for improvement, Opsgenie tracks everything related to alerts and incidents. Powerful reporting and analysis features show you the most common sources of alerts, your team's performance in acknowledging and resolving issues, and the distribution of on-call workloads. This allows you to efficiently optimize your on-call and alerting processes.

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On-call scheduling and escalations

With Atlassian Opsgenie, on-call scheduling becomes a breeze. A single platform allows you to create and customize on-call schedules and set escalation rules. This ensures that your team always knows who is responsible for incidents and is on call. Everyone in the team can rely on critical notifications being handled.

Another advantage is the flexibility in customizing workflows. You can tailor on-call schedules and forwarding rules based on the source and payload type to handle notifications accordingly.

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Service-centric incident management

Opsgenie understands the impact of issues on business services. Therefore, the tool's primary goal is to ensure effective and transparent incident response, leading to improved response times and enhanced service quality. The platform supports proactive communication of outages to all stakeholders – they can even be updated using the mass notification feature. With Opsgenie, you can plan service interruptions in advance and immediately send notifications, create status pages, and initiate conference bridges when an incident occurs. This reduces distractions and allows teams to fully focus on finding solutions.

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How you can use Opsgenie in a company

Opsgenie as a standalone product

Atlassian Opsgenie is available as a standalone product and can be seamlessly integrated into any IT or Dev stack.

Opsgenie as part of Jira Service Management

The features of Opsgenie are included in various Jira Service Management cloud plans to ensure end-to-end incident management.

Opsgenie as part of Atlassian Open DevOps

Opsgenie is an integral part of Atlassian Open DevOps, supporting teams in optimizing incident management and response.


Do you need help setting up Atlassian Opsgenie, have questions about how to use it, or just want to learn more about the tool? Then get in touch with us. We have the answers to your questions and help you with the:

  • selection and procurement of licenses and their renewal
  • installation and implementation
  • customization of Opsgenie to meet the needs of your teams
  • optimization of your incident management processes with Atlassian Opsgenie
  • connection of your existing systems to Opsgenie
  • tool implementation and training of your employees