Atlassian Cloud migration: Your journey to the cloud

Create a smooth migration to the Atlassian Cloud? That's what our certified cloud experts are working towards with you. And to ensure that not only the Atlassian Cloud migration goes well, but also the entire communication and project management, a team of at least two permanent contacts will accompany you on your journey to the cloud.

Since day one, we at Jodocus have relied on the Atlassian Cloud as a future-proof solution for enterprises. As a result, you benefit from our collective experience of successful cloud migrations just as your company gains in scalability, agility and process optimization through Atlassian Cloud migration.

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Move now from server or data center to the cloud

Have you been using Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and the like for many years? Or do you want to introduce Jira Service Management to your company for the first time? Then now is the perfect time to migrate from on-premise to the Atlassian Cloud. Because from 2024, only the cloud version of Atlassian will be supported. And already since February 02, 2021, server products can no longer be purchased from Atlassian. In the future, for example, no more apps will be available in the Atlassian Marketplace for server versions. With the shutdown of servers, however, not only support and apps will be a big issue when migrating to the Atlassian Cloud, but above all the question arises: Is the Atlassian Cloud DSGVO-compliant and can it keep up with data center? The answer is as clear as it is simple: yes! German banks – i.e., strictly BaFin-regulated companies with the highest data security requirements – are already demonstrating that it is possible.

Cloud migration: These advantages await you

Whether Jira Cloud, Confluence Cloud or other Atlassian products: Atlassian is making a hard cut against servers with clear signs for cloud migration – especially if it does not seem necessary at first glance. After all, Jira software, Confluence and the other Atlassian tools have so far made an excellent contribution to the optimization of business processes. But with a successful migration to the cloud, Atlassian enables even better workflows and processes for all users. Why this is so and what benefits you get from migrating to the Atlassian Cloud will become clear with a look at the advantages.

Higher speed

Your teams are up and running faster. You can scale new instances faster or shut down old instances in just minutes.

Improved productivity

Server operations, updates, and downtime are history. So you can spend more time with your customers – instead of on regular tool maintenance.

Lower administration and maintenance costs

There will be no more IT costs of managing and maintaining servers. So migrating to the Atlassian Cloud lowers your IT infrastructure costs.

Reliable scalability

If needed, the system grows with you and scales easily – for even better cross-functional team collaboration.

Future-proof agile teams

You and your collaborators can access projects anywhere, from any device – with 99.9 percent availability, a real win for your teams!

Jodocus cloud migration same environment

Familiar environment

Even though the cloud is visually more modern and offers some new features, its developer remains Atlassian. Small trainings of your employees are completely sufficient.

Things are going well at OTTO. Also on the subject of digitization

Replacing myths with facts: We clear up the misconceptions about Atlassian Cloud migration

Play it safe and make the best decision for your business: In our whitepaper, we debunk common myths about Atlassian Cloud migration, giving you valuable facts to make the switch.

Atlassian Cloud migration: Switch efficiently with Jodocus

Moving to the cloud is a process in which every detail must be considered and planned. Successful migration to the Atlassian Cloud requires expert knowledge. That's because it's a bit more complex than the idea of migrating your familiar system one-to-one to the cloud. What we can migrate one-to-one to the cloud are your business processes. Our experienced Atlassian consultants support the migration with excellent process and technical knowledge. For you, this means in concrete terms: when migrating your servers to the Atlassian Cloud, we only change what is really necessary. And, above all, in such a way that you benefit from it. For example, not all apps used on the server can be integrated into the cloud. Nevertheless, together we will find a solution to make your migration to the Atlassian Cloud smooth – without compromising the UX. To do this, we follow our proven strategy for every migration – for an optimal and, above all, optimized result.

1. Cloud readiness analysis


Are you and your company ready for the Atlassian Cloud? In the first phase, we check everything to find out. To do this, we analyze your existing apps for usage and data specification, as well as the entire system environment including external integrations and user management. We also evaluate the best migration strategy together and identify potential pitfalls to be prepared.

Are you and your company ready for the Atlassian Cloud? In the first phase, we check everything …

2. Proof of Concept (POC)


Our POC is the heart of a successful Atlassian Cloud migration. In this phase, our migration experts use UATs, smoke tests and sanity checks to test all the relevant parameters for the migration in detail in advance. In the process, we evaluate apps and look for cloud-optimized alternatives, reduce the complexity of on-premise configurations, and take all precautions for a smooth migration.

Our POC is the heart of a successful Atlassian Cloud migration. In this phase, our migration experts …

3. Production migration


We get started – and according to a set schedule: Once all tests and preparations have been made, we migrate all instances to the cloud. To do this, we use the Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistant as well as all migration paths prepared in advance. And no matter wether Business or Enterprise: Atlassian support is guaranteed and our migration team is not satisfied until you are after the successful go-live.

We get started – and according to a set schedule: Once all tests and preparations have been made, we …

Hypercare phase


As your Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner, we will, of course, be at your side after the migration and provide you with full support. Because it can always happen that small bugs or incorrect authorizations have crept in. We fix these and also offer the necessary user support for the new user interface – e.g. through our training courses for Jira Service Management or Confluence.

As your Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner, we will, of course, be at your side after the migration and …

Cloud Specialization of Jodocus

One thing is certain: The migration of Atlassian Server or Data Center to the Atlassian Cloud is a major challenge for any company. To make the most of cloud innovations, a migration must be well planned and executed flawlessly. As a cloud-specified Platinum Solution Partner certified by Atlassian, we offer you high-quality consulting and also support you with our technical expertise. So that you get the right cloud implementation solutions for your Atlassian products. We specialize in helping customers with their unique requirements for team capabilities, migration complexity, and timing when moving to the cloud. In doing so, we minimize disruption and downtime for the business.

Jodocus cloud migration more time

Fewer server updates, more time

Annoying server updates are a thing of the past with Atlassian Cloud. Everything is unlocked for your cloud instance all by itself.

Cloud for everyone!

Whether for small teams of x employees or for large corporations with x users: the cloud adapts flexibly. Only pay for what you really need.

Security for all cloud data

Atlassian Cloud products are DSGVO compliant. They are also certified for many standards, such as SOC2 or ISO27001/27018.

When does your journey to the Atlassian Cloud start?

To migrate your business processes to the Atlassian Cloud, the first thing you need to do is determine the starting point for the migration. If you can answer "yes" to any of the following three questions, you have found the perfect partner for migrating to the cloud in Jodocus:

  • Are you already using Jira, Confluence or other Atlassian tools?
  • Are you using another on-premise system and want to migrate to the Atlassian Cloud?
  • Do you want to re-implement a management tool for your business processes with the Atlassian Cloud?

More than 90 percent are already going the Atlassian Cloud route. You too can future-proof yourself and your company – with Jodocus as a partner at eye level at your side.