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Join the team of Atlassian experts and learn in our hands-on trainings everything you need to work optimally with Atlassian tools – and a little bit more. Whether it's Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Management, or Opsgenie, we're happy to provide you and your teams with all-encompassing, role-specific training.

This much in advance: No matter what the challenges are, with Atlassian's future-proof solutions we will put together an individual tool set for you and your team that meets all your requirements and moves your team forward.  As experienced Atlassian specialists, we know the potential that lies in Jira, Confluence & Co. Especially if you combine these tools and migrate your processes to the Atlassian Cloud. Or, in the words of Aristotle: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.". Ready for the Champions League?

Atlassian Cloud: Jira, Confluence und Co als Cloud-Lösungen

Das Beste in der Cloud vereint: Mit den Atlassian Produkten in der Cloud geht es für dein Unternehmen sicher in die Zukunft – innovativ, intelligent und individuell. Ob Jira Software oder Confluence, ob Jira Service Management oder Bitbucket: In der Cloud arbeiten deine Teams effizient unternehmensweit zusammen – auf einer Plattform, die mit deinem Unternehmen skaliert. Bereit für grenzenlosen Fortschritt in der Atlassian Cloud?

Jira Cloud: Prozesse, Projekte, Teams und ganze Unternehmen in der Cloud optimieren

Sicher, skalierbar, flexibel, wartungsarm, kollaborativ: Es gibt zahlreiche Gründe, warum sich Unternehmen für Atlassians zukunftsfähige Lösungen in der Jira Cloud entscheiden. Doch das übergeordnete Ziel bleibt immer dasselbe: das Optimieren von Geschäftsprozessen auf allen Ebenen – ob durch Jira Software Cloud, Jira Service Management Cloud oder die Kombination mehrerer Jira bzw. Atlassian Anwendungen.

Confluence Cloud: Wissen und Zusammenarbeit auf einer Plattform verbunden

Viel Raum für innovative Ideen, Projekte und vor allem für unternehmensweite Zusammenarbeit: Mit Confluence Cloud von Atlassian hast du eine Software, mit der du das gesamte Wissen in deinem Unternehmen digital abbilden, verwalten und erweitern kannst.


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Jodocus Atlassian products Jira

Atlassian Jira: The solution for agile and efficient work management

As the leading software for agile process and project management, Atlassian Jira provides everything teams need for managing their tasks efficiently and systematically. All project-related information flow together in one place. This gives every team member a transparent overview of all tasks, assignments, and progress. With Jira as a central platform, the entire company is connected and always up to date.

Jira Software: Central task and project management for agile teams

Originally developed for agile software teams and their requirements, Jira Software is used in enterprise-wide digitization, optimization, and automation of IT as well as business processes. No matter if your team works with agile boards, in sprints, or with roadmaps, Jira Software provides everything it takes for centralized task and project management – and it’s suitable for any team and company, regardless of its size and industry.

Jira Service Management: Service at high speed

A central open service platform for even faster employee and customer support: Jira Service Management (JSM) takes teams' business processes to the next level. Whether you work in software development, IT or other departments – Atlassian's ITSM solution offers the entire service palette for optimal support: a self-service portal, an intuitive service desk and comprehensive reporting. This way, Jira Service Management comes along with all the features needed to handle requests at top speed.

Jira Work Management: Centralized task and project management for business teams

Atlassian Jira Work Management provides business teams with a centralized place to collaborate, coordinate and work. From agile workflow boards to intuitive task lists and various project templates, the tool is the ideal basis for centralized task and project management. Best of all, Jira Work Management integrates seamlessly with Jira Software. This way, you bring business and software teams together and drive successful results.

Jira for large enterprises: Agility through Jira Align

Connecting business strategies with technical implementation at enterprise level: Jira Align offers large enterprises all the options they need to drive agile transformation and supports the most important agile frameworks for this purpose. With comprehensive connection at all levels, processes can be scaled across the enterprise – from executive management to each individual team. Ready for digital transformation in your business?

Atlassian Confluence: Your central workspace that connects knowledge and collaboration

Do you want to drive projects and ideas forward together with your team in one place and bring them to completion in a targeted manner? Atlassian Confluence facilitates efficient collaboration between teams across departments and locations as a central content and collaboration tool. Knowledge and content can be created, edited, and shared from anywhere. At the same time, Atlassian Confluence can be used as a modern social intranet and wiki, additionally strengthening company-wide communication – location-independent, simple and digital.

Atlassian Trello – the new way of flexible project management

Trello is a Kanban-based task management tool that helps teams across organizations to collaborate and manage projects. Thanks to its intuitive concept and various functions for knowledge management, tasks can be processed, prioritized, and controlled in a targeted manner. Regardless of company size, industry and department, as a visual collaboration tool Atlassian Trello supports working on almost all company-relevant projects.