License consulting: Atlassian licenses for Jira, Confluence and Co.

Licenses for all Atlassian products and many other apps in Jira, Confluence and Co.: As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we offer customized license management – from consulting and purchase to customization and optimization.

License consulting, license purchase and license management for Atlassian Confluence, Jira, JSM and more

With license consulting, we pursue a clear goal: to find the optimal Atlassian licenses for your company and your teams. To do this, we determine the Atlassian licenses required for your processes and projects, cap the license costs and reduce the administrative effort for license management to a minimum.

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What is Atlassian license consulting?

Atlassian license consulting is about the right selection of licenses for Atlassian tools – from server to data center to cloud. Customized license consulting helps companies purchase, extend, or optimize licenses. Over- or under-licensing of software and/or apps can be identified and optimized in the next step. In this way, license consulting can reduce costs – both in the short term and in the long term. Atlassian license consulting is mostly about Jira licenses, Confluence licenses and Jira Management licenses, which apply to the different software systems server, data center and cloud. With the expiry of the server version of Jira, Confluence and the other Atlassian products on February 2, 2024, license consulting is now increasingly focused on data center and cloud.

What are the benefits of our license service?

Digitizing and optimizing business processes is what we are passionate about. The more complex the processes and the greater the need for optimization, the better. That's what we burn for. That's why we manage your IT projects from the initial idea to technical implementation. Until your formerly analog business processes are optimized and digitized and your workflows are agile and future-proof.

Take advantage of our expertise in license consulting

Tailor-made concept, secure runtime monitoring and cost-effective configurations for your company
Jodocus Atlassian license consulting customized

Tailor-made license concept

We develop a customized license concept that is optimally tailored to your business processes as well as user groups and meets your compliance requirements.

Secure runtime monitoring

We keep track of the duration of your Atlassian licenses and remind you in time about license renewals or changes.

Most cost-effective license configuration

We advise you on Atlassian license models, renewals, upgrades and downgrades and determine the most cost-effective license configuration.

Qualified invoice payment

You can purchase your licenses from us in Euros as well as US dollars – without the need for a credit card.

Exclusive discounts

You benefit from exclusive discounts that we can pass on to you as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner when you purchase licenses.

Thorough security review

We place the highest value on your compliance and data security policies and offer you the appropriate licenses.

Proven cloud expertise

"The end of Atlassian Server" is upon us and we have specialized in the Atlassian Cloud since our inception – this also applies to cloud licenses.

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Jodocus Atlassian license optimization

Our approach to license consulting and optimization

As Atlassian specialists, we know many ways to optimally link Atlassian licenses with the budget expectations and user behavior of a company. To do this, we delve deep into the business processes and analyze practically from the inside which licenses for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and possible other Atlassian tools as well as apps are actually needed – and which are not (if Atlassian tools are already in use). Important for the license configuration: We not only analyze the need for quantities of licenses and apply the available budget for the license purchase. But we also pay attention to which Atlassian tools are the best solution in the specific business processes and coordinate with the responsible teams, and only then make the license selection. In addition, in some cases, the timing of the license purchase is particularly relevant. Thus, as part of our license consulting, we also focus on current offers from Atlassian, which we, as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, are the first to know about – and are happy to pass on.

Role-rights concept and license optimization

A role rights concept for Jira, Confluence and Co. can be used to control very specifically which users can see and/or edit which content. In order to distribute the roles – e.g. System and Area Administrator or simple user – the instances must first be analyzed. In this way, active user numbers and project-related areas are highlighted. In the next steps, corresponding roles and groups can be defined in the Active Directory and permissions assigned. By doing so, Jira, Confluence and Co. can pull the defined data from the Active Directory and apply it to all areas. Another plus: All software licenses can be customized in the course of a role-rights concept.

Overview of our Atlassian license consulting

Whether licenses for Jira Software Cloud, Jira Service Management, Confluence Cloud or Data Center, Bitbucket, Bamboo and many more Atlassian tools and marketplace apps: We offer license consulting and license purchasing for almost all Atlassian products.

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When migrating to Cloud, many companies opt for a phased approach so that data, users and applications are migrated one at a time rather than all at once. This approach allows for greater control, but also requires more time. And the longer the migration takes, the higher the costs tend to be. This is because companies need to run both an on-premises instance and the cloud instance. To solve this problem, Atlassian has introduced Dual Licensing. It ensures that there are no double costs during the migration and that the customer only has to pay for the cloud licenses, but not for the renewal of the on-premises licenses.