Designed to optimize collaborative software development, Bitbucket – Atlassian's powerful Git solution – takes code collaboration to a new level.

With Bitbucket Pipeline for automated workflows, Jira and Trello integrations, and robust security features, it empowers development teams to efficiently manage code repositories, facilitate seamless collaboration, and ensure code quality throughout the entire development lifecycle. Comprehensive features, including Pull Requests and Code Insights, provide holistic control over the source code. Ready for a collaborative and secure development environment with Atlassian Bitbucket?


Atlassian Bitbucket provides a comprehensive solution for collaborative code management, always with a focus on cross-team collaboration. A mission that is facilitated through the integrated Jira UI: by managing Jira issues directly in Bitbucket, you can effectively minimize context switching. When including the issue key in your commits, the issue status in Jira is automatically updated. In addition to Jira Software, Bitbucket also allows integration with Jira Service Management, enabling collaboration with IT Ops. This way, you can leverage automated change approval processes and resolve incidents faster by associating deployments.

With robust code review features, Atlassian Bitbucket also supports delivering high-quality code. Bugs can be easily identified and addressed before deployment. Moreover, development teams can effortlessly conduct reviews of large Diffs, examine external code reports, and open Jira tickets directly from the Pull Request screen.

Another advantage is setting up automated workflows and ensuring code quality with the integrated CI/CD tool "Bitbucket Pipelines". It allows developers to build, test, and deploy code changes in an automated and continuous pipeline. Alternatively, Bitbucket Cloud can be linked with local CI/CD tools like Bamboo or Jenkins to meet your specific requirements optimally.

The key point, however, is that Bitbucket Cloud is secure and compliant with SOC2/3, ISO, and GDPR. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and IP Whitelists ensure that only authorized users have access to your code. The entire code is encrypted both during transmission and at rest.


Atlassian's Git repository manager is equipped with advanced features that promote teamwork in developer teams and help develop scalable, high-quality software.


Bitbucket Pipelines enables developer teams to create efficient and automated workflows to ensure code quality and facilitate rapid deployments. It seamlessly integrates with Bitbucket Cloud and offers easy configuration through the "bitbucket-pipelines.yml" file in the code repository – no server management, repository synchronization, or user management configuration is required. This integration allows developers to control the entire CI/CD process, from testing to production, directly within their development platform.

Bitbucket Pipelines offers even more, such as Jira integration. Through this integration, your team gets an overview of build statuses in Jira, while Bitbucket shows which operations belong to which deployment. The integration also allows for the creation and management of Jira tickets directly from Bitbucket. Developers can seamlessly open Jira issues during code reviews or when handling pull requests, without switching between different applications. This streamlines collaboration and enhances transparency throughout the development process.

The integration with Jira Service Management aligns with Atlassian's mission to enable faster software delivery for developer teams by promoting the Continuous Delivery approach. You can manage IT change requests directly through Bitbucket Pipelines. The flexibility of Pipelines also allows customization according to branch structure, significantly simplifying work with various branching workflows like Feature Branching or Git-Flow.

Jodocus Atlassian Bitbucket Pipelines


Atlassian Bitbucket supports efficient code management at all levels. In the code-first interface, you can find bugs faster, collaborate seamlessly, and merge with confidence:

  • Large Diffs can be intuitively reviewed in the side-by-side view with context-aware comments and task management features. The one-sided view provides a clear presentation of all relevant information without the need to switch between tabs. The clear file tree navigation facilitates work and ensures quick access to what you're looking for.
  • The native Jira integration in Bitbucket shortens the feedback loop between submitter and reviewer. You can create Jira issues or assign tasks directly in the pull request.
  • The results of your tests and security scans are integrated into the view of your pull request, providing warnings about potential bugs before delivery. Bitbucket also allows you to list conditions that the reviewer must check before approval. This ensures consistent review of pull requests before merging. In the Premium plan, you can even enforce merge checks, so that the pull request will only be merged if all conditions are met.
Jodocus Atlassian Bitbucket interface


In Bitbucket Cloud, your data is optimally protected. Through Atlassian Access, Bitbucket can connect to your SAML SSO provider, ensuring a seamless and secure authentication process. Additionally, your repositories are secured through data encryption, using AES-256 for resting encryption and TLS 1.2+ for encryption during transmission. Thus, your code is secure at all times.

In Bitbucket Premium, you have additional security features, including IP whitelists and enforced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), allowing you to define secure, predefined IP addresses and prescribe 2FA for additional protection.

Not secure enough yet? With DevSecOps, your workflow is protected from development to deployment:

  • As soon as you submit your code in a pull request, it is scanned for potential problems. This makes it possible to identify problems at an early stage and fix them during the entire code review process.
  • A dedicated dashboard provides insights into the security of your repository. Here you can view security information and check the total number of vulnerabilities in your repositories, grouped by risk rating (low/medium/high).
  • By adding a few lines to the configuration file "bitbucket-pipelines.yml", you can automatically check dependencies for vulnerabilities. This ensures that security testing is an integral part of your development process.
Jodocus Atlassian Bitbucket security


Bitbucket is where teams come together to plan, code, test, and deploy at scale. 74% of organizations say Cloud gives them a competitive advantage, and the innovation, ROI, and speed gains in tools like Bitbucket Cloud are what’s making the difference. Find out why!

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Atlassian Bitbucket provides a wide range of integrations that enhance functionality and seamlessly integrate into various development and DevOps workflows: Jira Software and Jira Service Management, Confluence, Slack, Bamboo and Jenkins, as well as numerous third-party integrations. They contribute to making Bitbucket the central platform for collaboration and development of your software projects.

Jira Software

By connecting Jira Software and Bitbucket, teams gain a comprehensive overview of all projects and can collaborate even more effectively. They automatically stay informed about code changes without the need for personal notifications. Additionally, the integration provides a continuously updated data view on your board. You can instantly see when a feature is ready for release and what tasks are still pending:

  • The "Code" view in Jira shows which repositories your team is currently working on. By entering an issue key, a commit name or a PR summary from Bitbucket, the information is automatically updated in Jira.
  • With deployments in Jira, the entire team can see at a glance which customer deployments have taken place, when and where processes were deployed and whether a build was successful.
  • With real-time information on the development status directly from the context of a task, teams can display or create branches and pull requests and check commits in the Jira view.
  • By displaying Jira tickets in the Bitbucket user interface, teams stay up to date and can easily access, edit and comment on assigned tickets without having to switch between tools.
  • You can also create a Jira task from a pull request comment in Bitbucket and assign it to a project and work on it without leaving Bitbucket.
  • The integration makes it easy to create automation rules to connect and automate processes in Bitbucket and Jira. Define triggers such as commits or pull requests and customize the rules, for example to update Jira tasks or assign tasks for QA.

Atlassian Open DevOps

Open DevOps aims to create an open and integrated development and operations environment. The platform provides a variety of tools and resources that help developers and teams optimize the entire DevOps lifecycle. You can fully focus on software development and operations because Open DevOps automatically integrates Atlassian tools and partner tools.

Atlassian Open DevOps is based on Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Opsgenie. With the open approach, teams can use Atlassian's tools, replace existing tools with others, or benefit from a mix of both – all with just a few clicks. Each task, whether it's an idea, a commit, or a branch, is connected to a Jira ticket, providing you with first-class visibility and insights.

To equip your team optimally for DevOps, collaboration with multiple providers is essential. It is advisable to create a tailored toolchain that aligns with the specific requirements of your team. This can be effortlessly achieved through integrations with leading providers and marketplace apps.

Atlassian Bitbucket has been specifically designed to facilitate seamless collaboration between your team and third-party tools. This seamless integration is a key component of Open DevOps, providing your team with swift access to the latest and most advanced DevOps features. This includes features such as the "Deployments" and "Code" tabs, automation rules, and other powerful functionalities.

DevOps is more than just a product; it is an ongoing development process. With templates in Open DevOps and Atlassian's extensive resources, you can easily incorporate best practices into your development process.


Do you need help setting up Atlassian Bitbucket, have questions about how to use it, or just want to learn more about the tool? Then get in touch with us. We have the answers to your questions and help you with the:

  • selection of the right operating version
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  • optimization of your code management with Atlassian Bitbucket
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