Enterprise Service Management: Interdisciplinary collaboration across the entire company

With Jira Service Management, all service processes in your company can be mapped and your team’s efficiency – from IT to Sales to HR – increased. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we support you in integrating your customized Service Management.

Jodocus Enterprise Service Management

What is Enterprise Service Management?

Enterprise Service Management – ESM for short – extends the processes and tools of IT Service Management (ITSM) to all teams in a company. This means that it is no longer just IT teams that benefit from service-oriented ITSM principles, but also many other departments such as Human Resources, Sales, Legal, Finance, Marketing and Facility Management. The goal is to manage all business services uniformly – in the best case with a cross-departmental Service Management tool. In this way, the same and cross-service workflows are standardized with IT tools, digitized and automated as far as possible. One Enterprise Service Management software that offers numerous important IT processes for enterprise service out-of-the-box is Jira Service Management from Atlassian.

ITSM and ESM in interaction

ITSM and ESM are not in competition with each other, but complement each other perfectly. This is because enterprise services and IT services are structurally very similar: ITSM processes cannot be transferred 1-to-1 to other areas such as HR or Sales. However, with their automation and control tools, they form the optimal basis for mapping customized ESM processes together with the responsible teams. Individual business requirements of each department can thus be digitized, standardized and ultimately optimized. After all, it is obvious that automation rules and other benefits from ITSM are also useful in other business departments and make processes more efficient. As ITSM experts, we support your Service Managers in enterprise-wide optimization by combining ITSM and ESM.

Digital Transformation through Enterprise Service Management with JSM

The digital transformation of companies determines the current zeitgeist in the business world. ESM plays a crucial role in the realization of process digitization. Here are some aspects that become particularly clear through ESM with Jira Service Management:

Break down services and processes

ESM helps organizations map and consistently deliver services through a single, open-ended tool. Requests and responsibilities are well structured and transparently communicated through JSM.

Breaking down information stores

A well-functioning ESM enables teams to collaborate across departments in specific workflows. A good example of the added value is the mapping of a process for onboarding: open positions can be communicated quickly via ticket in a specific department and processed directly by the HR department.

Automated workflows

Workflows can be automated in all areas, e.g. by linking them to conditions. Atlassian users of Jira and Confluence should be familiar with this procedure – the possibilities of a "digital catalog" for each team are almost limitless.

Improved governance

Measurability and comparability play an incredibly important role in the further development of all business processes: With JSM as ESM, all processes can be centralized and streamlined in order to optimize them again and again based on data.

Integrated Knowledge Management

By using Atlassian Confluence, important information can be managed and accessed at any time. Users can clarify simple questions themselves and make relevant information available to customers and employees. This promotes self-service and improves team efficiency.

Jodocus Enterprise Service Management Jira

What are the benefits of Enterprise Service Management with Jira Software?

Jira Service Management as Enterprise Management enables development, IT and business teams to be unified on a single digital platform for seamless collaboration, allowing each team to respond efficiently to service requests. As a result, Jira Service Management customers do not need to purchase specific modules and tools for each team, but instead leverage the IT infrastructure of a single flexible solution to optimally map the full range of business processes. Integrations of Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Co. link requests on the Atlassian platform via a comprehensive digital pipeline from planning, collaboration, Task Management and Product Development (Jira Software and Trello) to continuous delivery (Bitbucket), Knowledge Management (Confluence), Operations (Jira Service Management and Statuspage), and asset tracking and Inventory Management (Jira Service Management Insight).

Jira Service Management as Enterprise Service Management – all information

For more information on ESM through Atlassian's IT Service Management solution, we have a free asset with all features as well as best practices for you to download.

The most important advantages of ESM through JSM at a glance:

  • Enterprise-wide process security and optimization
  • Automation of workflows
  • High usability through intuitive usability (UI/UX)
  • Cost-effective service Management solution
  • High scalability
  • Integrated knowledge management