SAFe® implementation: Agile transformation with Atlassian software

Visualize all of an organization's processes and use them as a foundation to scale agile transformation across the enterprise: Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) serves organizations as a lean and agile methodology to map and successfully implement agility, organization and scale across the enterprise. From strategic alignment to management to executive teams, we use SAFe® as a project and process framework to holistically guide enterprise companies through digital transformation.

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What is Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)?

The Scaled Agile Framework® – or SAFe® for short – is a principle that provides a variety of organizational and workflow patterns for implementing agile methods across the enterprise. These include agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, as well as lean and change methods. The overarching goal is to improve agility throughout the enterprise by visualizing and thus structuring all processes and tasks. Through the holistic agile organization, companies using SAFe® benefit from increased productivity, more effective product delivery strategies, and improved employee engagement. The agile transformation with SAFe® has a positive impact on the entire Process and Project Management as well as on the agile working of a company.

The benefits of SAFe®: Agile transformation with a successful change process

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increase in quality of products / services

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Optimization of productivity

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improvement in employee engagement

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acceleration of time-to-market processes

Implement SAFe®: Our approach to agile transformation

SAFe® is the perfect basis for organizing agile working across the company. Because by combining lean and agile methods, all projects and teams can be coordinated, structured and managed in an agile manner in parallel. As experts in process optimization, we ensure that the SAFe® principle is understood by all departments and implemented in iterative collaboration. This is particularly important for companies taking the step into agile transformation using SAFe®: Such a transformation does not happen overnight. New ways of proceeding and thinking must first be learned and tested. We call this: Lean-Agile-Mindset. We see it as our task to delve deep into the processes and teams of a company and successively introduce precisely this Lean-Agile-Mindset. This includes identifying Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and value streams as well as implementing a lean-agile portfolio. Quality assurance through appropriate Test Management and mechanisms for continuous value delivery and DevOps also come into play here.

Jodocus SAFe implementation

Our certified Atlassian consultants lead the agile transformation. They accompany agile scaling and support the implementation of SAFe® using Atlassian tools. For enterprise-wide scaling, Jira Align usually forms the basis – often combined with Jira Software for the executing teams in the corporate structure.

  • PDCA cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • Selection of the right software and apps
  • License Management focused on cost-effectiveness
  • Analysis and optimization of the existing Atlassian environment
  • Iterative adjustments in long-term collaboration

Jira Align as software for implementing SAFe®

Jira Align is a cloud solution that connects the work of IT, developer, and business teams to overall business goals and outcomes. All tasks, projects, and processes become visible through Jira Align and aligned with the organization's strategy to drive shared results and insights from the top to the bottom of the organization. This ensures traceability, scalability and collaboration by bringing all tasks together in one software – just as SAFe® envisions for agile transformation.

Jira Align is the only platform specifically designed for Scaled Agile Framework®. It has full native support for SAFe® 5.0, including configurable settings for the main SAFe® configurations: Essential SAFe®, Large Solution SAFe®, Portfolio SAFe®, and Full SAFe®.

How Jira Align supports SAFe

Safe 5.0

Configure Jira Align to target any configuration in SAFe 5.0, from Essential SAFe to Full SAFe


Use the strategy space to define your hierarchical organizational strategy according to the ten SAFe principles.

Lean Budgets

allocate strategic themes to Lean Budgets in the portfolio space of Jira Align.

Investments vs. reality

The report, "Investments vs. Reality" monitors the expenses for the execution in comparison with the theme budgets.

Solution Management

Help your Solution Train Engineers (STEs) actively manage their capabilities backlogs with Kanban and WSJF prioritization.

Continuous improvement

Jira Align's "Review and Adjust" module facilitates regular progress reviews to gather new ideas on how to improve the process.

Product Management

Collect the results of your continuous research in the following product management views: 1) Customer types, 2) Vision maps,  3) Competitors.

Customer feedback

Ask your customers for feedback and convert it directly into your backlog via your idea generation zone.

DevOps Management

Create a Kanban board to visualize your entire DevOps pipeline.

Flow state

Develop at a fixed pace with built-in support for Pls and use release roadmaps for releases as needed.

SAFe evaluation

SPCs and Agile Coaches can use evaluations for progress benchmarks on the path to Agile methods.

SAFe checklists

Create checklists to follow workflow steps or actions in the right order, or access specific Jira Align pages and training videos.

Jodocus agile transformation
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Agile transformation with Jodocus: Ready for change?

Together we will find the right approach – the "Happy Path" – for your company's agile transformation. Schedule a consultation now and implement SAFe® with us.