Atlassian Trello – the new way of flexible project management

Trello is a Kanban-based task management tool that helps teams across organizations to collaborate and manage projects.

Thanks to its intuitive concept and various functions for knowledge management, tasks can be processed, prioritized, and controlled in a targeted manner. Regardless of company size, industry and department, as a visual collaboration tool Atlassian Trello supports working on almost all company-relevant projects.

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Efficiently power your teams: Atlassian Trello

Efficient project management is all about a powerful tool focused on simplicity, clarity, and seamless collaboration. Atlassian Trello meets these exact requirements and goes even beyond: Trello not only saves you and your team from paperwork but also offers numerous features for organizing and planning tasks. Boards, lists, and cards visually represent projects and their tasks and help you and your team to manage them easily. And it’s totally up to you to decide who joins a board: one colleague or an entire team, a colleague from other departments or even other companies. Trello's intuitive approach transforms complex projects into manageable tasks. The precise listing of all work steps, the flexible communication within the team, and the visual display of all interrelationships optimize efficient teamwork. Available in the browser and on mobile devices (also usable offline), Atlassian Trello is the perfect tool to organize projects and collaborate.

Reach new productivity peaks – thanks to Trello's intuitive design

With Atlassian Trello, teams can quickly and easily get an overview of all projects or dive directly into the details of the tasks due to the visual and intuitive structure of the tool, consisting of a board, lists, and cards.


A board is the basis for working with Atlassian Trello and summarizes the project in its entirety. It is comparable to a virtual pinboard, on which the process steps are clearly laid out in the form of lists and its tasks in the form of cards. Boards can be used for all types of projects and processes. They optimize the planning and organization of tasks and clearly visualize progress at a glance.


Lists divide a project into its process steps, for example into To-do, Doing, and Done. The number of lists and their names can be customized according to the needs of the team. With the help of the lists, projects are clearly structured and always up to date, giving board members a quick and orderly overview of the current status quo.


Cards depict the individual tasks within a project. They can be dragged and dropped into lists, between the project processes. This allows the status of the project to be updated quickly and comprehensibly with just one mouse click. Trello cards are the building blocks for more organized work, where each task can be efficiently managed, tracked, and shared with team members. To best streamline this process, Trello cards provide a range of features including task assignment, checklists, due dates, attachments, a commenting and linking feature, productivity metrics, and a calendar integration. From meetings and projects to events and goal settings, Atlassian Trello gives any team the ability to set up and customize workflows for almost any circumstance. Thanks to its flexible design, the tool works precisely the way you want it to and guides your team to success: calendar views help meet deadlines while real-time updates of changes enable synchronous collaboration and communication where the work happens.

Benefits of Atlassian Trello

Focus on the essentials


The interface is kept simple and clear so that teams can concentrate on the essentials. To make work steps as simple as possible, unnecessary and distracting functions are deliberately left out.

The interface is kept simple and clear so that teams can concentrate on the essentials. To make …

Fun to collaborate


The simplicity of filling cards with content, dragging and dropping them from one list to another, and watching tasks get completed within the deadline promotes collaboration and productivity.

The simplicity of filling cards with content, dragging and dropping them from one …

Automations without code


Reduce the number of tasks and clicks on boards with the built-in automation Butler. Teams can create rules, buttons, and commands to automate almost any action. For example, Butler ensures that important tasks always get done thanks to triggers or that work moves faster using custom card and board buttons. Butler even recognizes repetitive actions and makes automation suggestions that can be activated with a single click. Another plus: with Slack, Jira, and email integrations, teams can extend Butler's potential beyond their boards.

Reduce the number of tasks and clicks on boards with the built-in automation Butler. Teams can create …

Tools integration


Tools and apps used in your enterprise can be connected to Trello using Power-Ups integrations. They help customize workflows to best suit your team's needs.

Tools and apps used in your enterprise can be connected to Trello using Power-Ups integrations. They …

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Speed up your workflows with Power-Ups from Atlassian Trello

Power-Ups allow teams to connect their apps to their Trello board as well as create new integrations to apps not yet in use. Trello's Power-Up directory includes more than 200 integrations for teams to use to accelerate their workflows. The integrations turn a Trello board into a centralized information source that optimizes work as well as collaboration within the team. Best of all, if your organization has the development resources, you can use Trello's publicly available API to create Power-Ups that fit your exact needs. Discover popular Power-Ups and take your project management to the next level:

Trello & Jira

Create new Jira tasks or link existing Jira tasks to Trello cards. Get all relevant information at a glance: Status, priority, assigned person, comments, and much more.

Trello & Confluence

Create new Confluence pages directly from Trello cards and see who created a page and when.

Trello & Bitbucket

Keep better track of your code and organize your projects by adding Bitbucket branches, commits, and pull requests to Trello cards. Get important information like status updates and code reviewers in Trello.

Trello & Google

Bring your Google files and folders to Trello cards quickly and easily: search Google Drive directly within Trello and attach relevant files and folders to work in a connected way and efficiently.

Secure your team management in Trello with Atlassian Access

With Atlassian Access, you can manage all Trello users in one place in a legally compliant manner, ensuring enterprise-wide security, visibility, and control. It helps growing organizations set up new user accounts while keeping access permissions up to date. This is especially important in light of increasing access to remote digital work tools (including mobile devices). Atlassian Access allows organizations to grow with confidence without sacrificing user management or policy compliance. It can be combined with free Trello-Access, Trello-Premium as well as Trello-Enterprise and provides companies – regardless of their size – with the following features:

  • SAML single sign-on (SSO) for secure and easy login
  • Confirmation with two-factor authentication
  • SCIM user provisioning to create, edit or deactivate an account

These features give you more control and your team can focus on the main work.

Our services

Do you need help setting up Atlassian Trello, have questions about how to use it, or just want to learn more about the tool? Then get in touch with us. We have the answers to your questions and help you with the:

  • selection and procurement of licenses and their renewal
  • setting up and customizing Atlassian Trello to meet the needs of your teams
  • optimization of your project management
  • selection and integration of power-ups
  • tool implementation and training of your employees