Do you want to drive projects and ideas forward together with your team in one place and bring them to completion in a targeted manner? Atlassian Confluence facilitates efficient collaboration between teams across departments and locations as a central content and collaboration tool.

Knowledge and content can be created, edited, and shared from anywhere. At the same time, Atlassian Confluence can be used as a modern social intranet and wiki, additionally strengthening company-wide communication – location-independent, simple and digital.

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Successful teams are characterized by efficient collaboration – Atlassian Confluence makes this possible. That's because Atlassian's wiki software offers teams of all types and sizes a central workspace for digitally creating, editing, and storing documents in real time. For this purpose, all information is organized on dynamic pages and is accessible across teams and projects from anywhere and at any time. This is possible due to the open, well-connected structure of Atlassian Confluence. It forms the basis for an unrestricted flow of information between all employees and thus supports flexible work models such as remote work and home office.

From meeting notes to strategy planning and blog posts – everything flows together and is stored in Atlassian Confluence: every bit of content, every comment, every link. Versioning ensures maximum transparency and comparability in terms of time, content, and author. This preserves the context and no information or idea is lost. Another essential advantage for especially fast-growing companies is that it’s individually scalable and can be flexibly adapted to any need.

With Confluence, productivity increases, and knowledge sharing is made easy. Its powerful search and collaboration features are specially optimized for this – it has never been easier to retrieve content as well as access necessary information regardless of location or time. Not only can everything be found and shared quickly and easily, but the collaborative exchange is also secured to achieve the best work results. In addition, Atlassian Confluence is protected by privacy controls and data encryption, so teams can work safely on mission-critical projects. At the same time, the enterprise wiki meets industry-verified compliance standards so nothing stands in the way of collaborating on any project or idea to increase business and collaborative success.


One tool is enough to effectively manage all the knowledge in your organization. Suitable for capturing notes and ideas, realizing mission-critical projects with a high risk, or building a team culture and open communication among all employees, Atlassian Confluence essentially performs three core functions:



Atlassian Confluence brings together all of your company's expertise. As a central information source and repository for collective knowledge, all information can be made quickly and easily accessible to everyone thanks to a structured page tree and powerful search functions. This improves the quality of results and saves not only time and extra work, but also costs.

Atlassian Confluence brings together all of your company's expertise. As a central information …



With the shift from rigid work models to flexible work environments, the importance of transparent and straightforward team collaboration is growing. With Confluence, everyone can work together on a project, regardless of location. Whether short notes or comprehensive project planning: All team members are always on the same level and can contribute and exchange ideas with each other.

With the shift from rigid work models to flexible work environments, the importance of transparent and …



As a modern social intranet and wiki, Atlassian Confluence supports communication between employees as well as company news in a central location. From bulletin boards to advertisements and events, to onboarding and how-to pages, Confluence promotes a culture of open teamwork and feedback, strengthening your company from the inside out.

As a modern social intranet and wiki, Atlassian Confluence supports communication between employees as well as ...

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Atlassian Confluence is offered as a Data Center and a Cloud version. We will be happy to advise you on both operating models and work closely with you to determine the optimal Confluence version for your requirements and your company. Just contact us or make an appointment directly with our CSO Christopher Mohr – we look forward to helping you.


With Confluence, teams can make quick decisions, coordinate better, and achieve more together. Different workspaces help them to structure, organize and share tasks intuitively and clearly while practical features make working with Atlassian Confluence particularly easy and secure.

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From product request documents to marketing plans, Confluence includes numerous best practices templates to get your team started. Alternatively, you can start with a blank page and design projects your way.


With privacy controls, data encryption, and industry-verified compliance standards, Confluence is extensively protected and teamwork is maximally secure. Depending on your Confluence plan, you can even specify where data is hosted to meet corporate policies and compliance requirements. Additionally, you can increase your team's security by restricting access to trusted IP ranges.


Third-party applications integrate seamlessly with Atlassian Confluence. Interface with popular tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Jira help employees work more efficiently. Plus, you can customize Confluence to meet your organization's needs with more than 3,000 Marketplace apps.


To ensure there are no limits to your team and their ideas, you can create as many workspaces and pages as you need.


Do you want to bring more interactivity to your Confluence pages? Macros can be used to create dynamic content that brings more simplicity, structure and fun to work.


Depending on your Confluence plan, you can get insights on page views, user views, as well as comments and are able to filter reports at site, space, and page level. Thanks to this, you can understand user activity and further optimize collaboration.


Would you like to know more about Atlassian Confluence? Then get in touch with us now. We have the answers to your questions and will help you with

  • selecting the appropriate operating version (Cloud or Data Center)
  • choosing and purchasing licenses, as well as their renewal
  • the installation and setup
  • customizing Atlassian Confluence to meet the needs of your teams
  • optimizing your IT and business processes with Atlassian Confluence
  • selecting and integrating apps from the Atlassian Marketplace
  • connecting your existing systems to Confluence
  • the tool implementation and employee training

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