Agile IT Service Management: Manage all IT services with Jira

Customized ITSM that enables your teams to deliver effective IT service at high speed: Jira Service Management from Atlassian – the new generation of Jira Service Desk – is the perfect solution for your company's IT department(s). And we provide you with the individual support you need for optimal implementation – especially during cloud migration.

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What is IT Service Management (ITSM)?

A company's IT Service Management – or ITSM for short – refers to the approach and process structure of IT teams in the end-to-end provision of customer services. This includes all steps and activities of an IT service, from the request to the planning to the provision of the IT solution. In addition to software, hardware is also included in the scope of responsibilities of ITSM teams. This distinguishes them from traditional IT support. In order to solve software problems efficiently, to install updates securely and to manage all of a company's hardware, an individual IT Service Management system based on the company's processes is indispensable for providing optimum IT services and the right IT support. There are also numerous approaches to ITSM in the IT industry. ITIL is the most widely used approach to ITSM.

ITIL: The most common approach to ITSM

ITIL focuses on application techniques for aligning an organization's IT services requirements. In this way, ITIL is designed to help organizations adapt to ongoing transformation and scaling. However, classic ITIL has some weaknesses: One is the over-regulation of IT services, which slows down IT processes and thus makes agile working difficult. The latest version of the ITIL standards – ITIL 4 – addresses these criticisms and provides a quantum leap in the approach. Flexible collaboration, simplicity and feedback, combined with business and customer value, are the focus.

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ITSM processes: What to use in ITSM

There are a variety of processes in IT Service Management. The essence of all of them is that IT teams use organizational resources – e.g. Jira Service Management (JSM) – to have high reproducibility in their processes. Always with the goal: deliver consistent and efficient IT services. Some of the key ITSM processes that JSM can already cover out-of-the-box include the following:

Change Management

Change Management encompasses all actions and processes that bring about cross-departmental, substantive changes in a company – for example, to implement new strategies, structures or systems.

Incident Management

IT Incident Management covers all organizational and technical processes and measures that are used in the event of recognized or suspected security incidents or faults in a company's IT environment. 

Problem Management

Problem Management refers to the processes used to identify and prevent incidents in advance. Likewise, Problem Management also includes processes that deal with minimizing or preventing the effects of incidents that cannot be prevented.

Service Request Management

Service Request Management – also known as Service Request Fulfillment – is a repeatable process for handling a variety of customer service requests, such as requests for access to applications, software enhancements, and hardware updates.

What are the benefits of Jira Service Management?

Teams, cultures and methodologies are critical to successful IT Service Management and tools are the important means to the end. That's why Atlassian has developed a fast, flexible and intuitive ITSM tool for exemplary IT Service Management: Jira Service Management. Inspired by the tools Jira and Confluence, which optimally unify the digital workplace of the future, Atlassian also focuses on agile and collaborative work with JSM. In this way, JSM supports your IT team across the board and improves all IT service processes across the entire company. In addition to resource and process optimization in the company, the benefits are also reflected above all on your customer side.  Atlassian's ITSM solution also provides IT agility by streamlining workflows between development and operations teams in every way. This means that different teams, that previously used different ways of working, can now collaborate together in one place – Jira Service Management.

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What Jira Service Management can do for your business

For more information on Atlassian's IT Service Management solution JSM, we have a free asset with all features as well as best practices for you to download.

The key benefits of Jira Service Management at a glance:

  • Increased process reliability and visibility
  • Collaboration across teams
  • Process automation
  • Integrated Knowledge Management
  • Improved request coordination
  • Faster response times
  • High efficiency

Our ITSM solution for your business: Customized JSM

Agile, efficient IT Management requires dynamic, interdisciplinary teams, combined with the right, optimally implemented software. We support your Software Management in developing and integrating a customized ITSM based on Jira Software. To do this, we delve deep into your teams and their processes, work out efficient approaches together and take care of the professional integration.

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Need more than just IT Service Management?

Do you need more than just Service Management tailored to your IT services? Then we have the perfect solution for you: our Enterprise Service Management.