Atlassian Intelligence: The future of collaboration

Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving a seismic shift that is changing the way we work.The combination of AI with teamwork and human expertise is enabling teams to optimise their collaboration and reach their full potential.A progress that manifests itself in the emergence of Atlassian Intelligence.

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What is Atlassian Intelligence?

Atlassian Intelligence is your virtual teammate that is integrated into Atlassian's cloud products. It helps organizations turn data into useful insights so that teams can work more effectively and achieve goals faster. The technology is based on artificial intelligence developed in-house and by OpenAI: Atlassian Intelligence uses the Teamwork Graph, unique to your teams' project work, along with internal language models and OpenAI to deliver results tailored to the context of your organization.

Atlassian's mission to unleash the potential of every team has created a platform where AI blends seamlessly with human creativity and expertise.

Boost productivity with Atlassian Intelligence

With its latest launch in December 2023, Atlassian Intelligence uses AI to improve productivity and decision-making in the Premium and Enterprise plans of Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Trello, Atlas, and Atlassian Analytics. Atlassian Intelligence not only supports teams by increasing individual productivity but also leverages enterprise data to make insights instantly accessible and simplify data-driven decision-making across all products, increasing productivity across the organization.n. Here are some examples:

  • Accelerate individual productivity: From authoring business-critical content in seconds to automating routine tasks and summarizing large volumes of content, Atlassian Intelligence enables you to master your work with speed, efficiency, and excellence.
  • Gain insights from organizational data: Unlock actionable insights faster than ever before, whether by building complex queries in Jira and Atlassian Analytics or by finding specific answers in your organizational knowledge repository in Confluence and Compass. The open architecture of Atlassian products also enables the integration and utilization of data beyond Atlassian tools, leading to more comprehensive insights. At the same time, authorizations and security are maintained at company level.
  • Deliver better service: Improve your employee and customer experience with virtual agents in Jira Service Management, automate interactions, resolve requests faster, and provide customized responses around the clock.

Atlassian Intelligence And Confluence

In Confluence Cloud, Atlassian Intelligence helps you to create, summarize, and structure content faster. If you need some food for thought when creating content or have writer's block, you can ask Atlassian Intelligence to generate a list of content ideas or even write an entire article, for example. You can also add existing content by using it as a basis for content creation. And if you don't like the tone, just ask Atlassian Intelligence to change it: content and comments can be made friendlier or more formal at the touch of a button. You can improve the text, correct spelling and grammar and translate texts into another language just as quickly and easily.

It is also possible to summarize a page. This allows you to see the most important points at a glance –  from meeting notes to reports for managers. Or shed light on company-specific words. With Atlassian Intelligence, you can define unknown terms, technical terms, or abbreviations in a dictionary and make them visible to everyone. To do this, Atlassian Intelligence pulls information from the entire Atlassian instance to create short, clear summaries.

Another advantage: With Atlassian Intelligence, you can go beyond simple search results in Confluence and find exactly the information you need in seconds. For example, ask questions about the status of projects, instructions for important workflows, or important information such as HR policies and procedures. Confluence not only provides you with pages that match your query but also offers you concise answers based on the content from your knowledge base.

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence Confluence

Atlassian Intelligence And Jira Service Management

Atlassian Intelligence can significantly improve the experience of employees and customers with Jira Service Management – with the help of a virtual agent. It automates interactions, summarizes complex tickets, and generates responses to support requests in Slack or Teams based on your knowledge base. This reduces agent workload and resolves requests faster.

As a chatbot, the virtual agent can automatically formulate or paraphrase answers. It lets you choose the tone of voice to adapt it to specific inquiries. It is also able to allocate a customer request to the right employee to ensure faster processing and resolution of problems. In certain cases, requests can also be completed directly by Atlassian Intelligence. However, the formulated answers only serve as suggestions and can be customized by the agent before being sent. Agents therefore retain full control over the communication.

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence Jira Service Management

In addition, Atlassian Intelligence helps administrators of Jira Service Management  to create any type of request they need using a simple prompt. With the generated suggestions, teams can quickly get started with a few words about the respective service project.

Want to learn more about Atlassian Intelligence and Jira Service Management? Download the free guide to Atlassian Intelligence and Jira Service Management or visit our blog where we have summarized the key features and benefits of virtual agents.

Atlassian Intelligence and Jira Software

In Jira Software, Atlassian Intelligence helps you find issues and related information even faster. Seamless interfaces allow employees to create complex queries in simple language, enabling flexible question and answer experiences across an organization's knowledge base. This also makes it easier to find issues that would normally require complex JQL queries.

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence Jira Software

The virtual team colleague also allows issues to be summarized at the click of a mouse to make important information quickly accessible. The dictionary also saves valuable time. Employees can use it to look up industry-specific terms, jargon, or acronyms – a huge help for new team members.

How does Atlassian Intelligence work?

Atlassian Intelligence gives teams a virtual teammate that understands exactly how they work together and accelerates their work. The technology utilizes AI developed by Atlassian's internal models in collaboration with OpenAI. This is integrated into the Atlassian platform, which forms the common technological foundation for all cloud products.

An important component is the Teamwork Graph. The knowledge on which it is based is tailored to the two most common types of teamwork:

  • Service-based work: teams that receive incoming requests and use custom workflows and data to find solutions for employees and customers.
  • Project-based work: Teams that manage projects from concept to delivery with roadmaps, plans, tasks, goals, and documentation.

Using large language models, Atlassian Intelligence identifies how teams work together in a given organization and creates a custom Teamwork Graph that shows the types of work and the relationships between them. The open approach of the Atlassian platform also enriches the Teamwork Graph with additional context and data from the third-party apps used by the teams.

Atlassian Intelligence guide

Find out more about how Atlassian Intelligence works and what benefits it has in store for you and your team in the free guide to Atlassian Intelligence.

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Data protection and security

Atlassian Intelligence was developed in accordance with Atlassian's Responsible Technology Principles. This means that all data protection and security standards, as well as Atlassian's corporate values, also apply to Atlassian Intelligence, ensuring that your data is always protected and no data leakage occurs. Atlassian Intelligence is designed so that the AI is not trained with your data and is inaccessible during searches. In addition, all existing authorisations are respected.

In the Trust Centre you can find out more about Atlassian's principles for responsible technology and how they are responsibly shaping the future of collaboration.

Take off with Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence is the key to accelerating productivity. Team members remain self-determined and retain control over the results and their data at all times. Users can decide for themselves whether and to what extent they want to use AI with even a gradual introduction being possible.

Ready to unlock the full potential of working with Atlassian Intelligence with us? Contact us to learn more and find out how you can use AI to boost your team's productivity.