Digital workplace: Designing collaboration intuitively

The workplace of the future is digital, offering companies and their teams multiple mobile ways of working, all converging in one place. Based on Confluence, the modern enterprise wiki from Atlassian, we develop a customized digital workplace for your company – from concept to software implementation.

Jodocus digital workplace

What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace – sometimes also called social intranet or social collaboration – generally describes the new concept of modern digital working (New Work) that meets the requirements of a company through digitization. As software experts, however, for us digital collaboration is not just about customized concept development, but rather about the "how" in its realization. After all, the goal is to implement the concept of the digital workplace as simply and yet consistently as possible with appropriate tools. Intuitive operation is just as important as IT security, scalability and the ability to integrate business-critical enterprise applications. With Confluence from Atlassian, combined with productivity-enhancing apps, all the parameters of the digital workplace can be met and even continuously developed.

Digital workplace as a software solution

For us, a digital workplace is much more than a concept of New Work: A digital workplace forms the central platform with all the information, programs, functions and communication options essential for work – for all employees of a company. And as cloud experts, we go one step further and are certain that the digital workplace of the future is a cloud solution.

Our approach to realizing a digital workplace

From concept to methodology and tool selection to implementation: developing the perfect digital workplace is an extensive project, but one that often doesn't start from scratch. As specialists in digital technologies, we get in at the point of digital transformation where the company is right now and pick up speed. We get deep into the teams and their processes – from HR to Sales and Marketing to IT – and analyze the actual situation. We then determine the individual requirements for the new holistic collaboration software solution: Core aspects are usually

  • good Project Management,
  • intuitive usability (UI, UX), and
  • structured information and Knowledge Management.

With our expertise in digitization and the Atlassian tools, we bring everything together in an individual concept. This includes concrete implementation strategies for Change Management as well as the selection of tools, including licensing advice. Once everything has been coordinated, our IT specialists implement the technological integration.

Proven cloud expertise

The future of work is the digital workplace. And for us it is clear: this future lies in the cloud. As cloud experts, we support companies in choosing the right architecture option – cloud or data center. In doing so, we always have the vision of the future – cloud – in view. So that companies also benefit from our digital workplace solution in the long term.

When does your journey to the Atlassian Cloud start?

Over 90 percent are already on the path to the Atlassian Cloud. Make sure you and your company are future-proof – with Jodocus at your side as an equal partner.

What are the benefits of a digital workplace?

Confluence from Atlassian offers many advantages of a digital workplace out-of-the-box. Combined with other tools from the Atlassian environment, we form the right set-up with all the benefits of the digital workplace of the future.

Transparent, efficient communication

Whether in the office, in the home office or on a business trip: With the right digital workplace, all employees are connected. Employees can contact each other directly via the modern intranet – no matter from where.

Company-wide Information and Knowledge Management

Information can be shared quickly and easily on the digital workplace. This means that every employee can find the information and support they need to work at any time. With the ability to integrate customers into the digital workplace IT infrastructure, information can also be shared externally in a targeted manner.

Structured workflows

In the digital workplace, workflows are clearly structured and adapted to the individual requirements of the company and the individual teams. The optimized processes not only accelerate work processes, but also make them measurable and comparable – ideal for continuous improvement. In addition, isolated applications in individual departments can be avoided in the long term.

High compliance and data security

With a perfectly implemented digital workplace, the GDPR is complied with. Regular security updates are standard – in the cloud without major administrative effort. This makes collaboration and communication on a platform more secure than external solutions for communication.

Highest mobility

As digitization advances, new standards for collaboration are developing: the focus is not on the mandatory physical presence of employees, but on achieving ideal working conditions. With a mature digital workplace, mobile working is not only possible, it is now often desired – by digital natives. Confluence is also available for mobile devices in a reduced version or as app.

More motivation and employee satisfaction

Satisfied employees are motivated and productive employees. This credo is taken up and implemented with a digital workplace by fulfilling all employees' work needs.