The best combined in the cloud: With Atlassian products in the cloud, your company is heading securely into the future – innovative, intelligent and individual. Whether Jira Software or Confluence, Jira Service Management or Bitbucket: In the cloud, your teams work together efficiently across the company – on a platform that scales with your company. Ready for limitless progress in the Atlassian Cloud?

Die Fakten sprechen für die Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian has a wide range of software and tools that your company can not only use, but that your teams need to optimize and automate processes. Because of their efficient and secure performance, Atlassian tools have been established in numerous companies for many years. Yet time brings not only change, but above all improvement: the Atlassian Cloud.Atlassian Cloud.

You're sure to have heard about the big end-of-support: As of February 02, 2024, server versions of Jira, Confluence and the other Atlassian Server tools will no longer be supported. Because the cloud is simply better. For all companies that still work on their projects with server, this means: The Atlassian cloud migration is on the horizon. Alternatively, there is the option to migrate to Atlassian Data Center. But with the migration to the cloud, Atlassian enables an even better workflow for its users. And above all, Atlassian makes both its software and your company more future-proof with the cloud – whether through Jira Cloud or Confluence Cloud, whether with Cloud Premium or Cloud Enterprise. The facts speak for the Atlassian Cloud:


Speed in all directions: Your teams are up and running faster with the cloud. Scaling new instances or shutting down old ones can be done in minutes.


Your teams can spend their time and resources on customers instead of maintaining tools! That's why Atlassian Cloud saves you from manual upgrades at night or on weekends.


With Atlassian Cloud products, you can easily reduce infrastructure costs for your business: migrating to the cloud completely eliminates the cost of managing and maintaining servers.


Unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten sind keine leeren Versprechen: Vom Speicherplatz über Zugriffe bis zur Benutzeranzahl skaliert das System einfach mit dir, deinem Unternehmen und deinen Teams.


You and your employees can access projects in Atlassian's tools at any time and from any device – with 99.9 percent availability. All the while, enhancements and integrations are always ready to use.


The cloud is visually optimized, offers several new features, and can be customized as desired with apps from the Atlassian Marketplace. Users are usually very quickly in the familiar handling after the cloud migration.


As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we’ve seen that most organizations who are hesitant about moving to Atlassian Cloud, aren’t equipped with the right information. This is why we’ve busted the top cloud myths – everything from security to performance – so you can make the best decision for your business.

Jodocus Atlassian Cloud
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Whether for IT teams, sales departments or HR managers, whether for project and knowledge management, software development or customer support: The Atlassian Cloud offers you the best of Atlassian with all its tools. As a scalable platform into which you can integrate all your tools and which you can extend as you wish with apps and individual adaptations. And it's not just the users who benefit from the cloud, it's your entire organization that benefits from Atlassian's four core efficiency promises:

  • Enhanced security
  • Increased reliability
  • Ease of management
  • Faster innovation

By the way: Unlimited storage is already available in Atlassian Cloud Premium and of course in the Enterprise class. The latter is also made even more secure by Atlassian Access because, among other things, authentication policies can be customized by Atlassian Access – with even better visibility.

Die verschiedenen Produkte in der Atlassian Cloud

Jodocus Atlassian Jira Software weiß
Jodocus Atlassian Jira service Management weiß
Jodocus Atlassian Jira Align weiß
Jodocus Atlassian Bitbucket weiß
Jodocus Atlassian Trello weiß
Jodocus Atlassian Confluence weiß
Jodocus Atlassian Opsgenie weiß
Soviel schon mal vorab: Ganz gleich welche Herausforderungen das sind, mit den Lösungen von Atlassian stellen wir für dich und dein Team ein individuelles Tool-Set zusammen, dass alle deine Anforderungen erfüllt und dein Team nach vorne bringt.

Denn als erfahrene Atlassian Spezialisten, kennen wir das Potenzial, das in Jira, Confluence & Co. steckt. Vor allem dann, wenn man diese hochentwickelten Werkzeuge intelligent kombiniert und die Prozesse am besten gleich in die Atlassian-Cloud migriert. Oder, um es mit den Worten von Aristoteles zu sagen: „Das Ganze ist mehr als die Summe seiner Teile.“.

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