Atlassian acquires AirTrack and expands IT data quality management portfolio

Atlassian's High Velocity Event in Melbourne in late October not only featured insightful talks on IT Service Management (ITSM) but also brought exciting news: Atlassian has acquired AirTrack, a leading provider of IT Data Quality Management technologies. This significant acquisition promises an innovative revolution, particularly for Jira Service Management (JSM).

The ongoing digitization leads to a constant increase in digital products and services, edge, and IoT devices. This challenges companies to efficiently manage their assets and configurations. The growing transformation and dependence on IT infrastructures, coupled with increasing demands for data quality, data management, and cost-conscious administration, amplify this challenge. In this context, companies need to precisely understand their assets and how they are utilized to gain a comprehensive overview of the costs associated with delivering products and services to their customers.

This is where AirTrack comes into play. Through continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure, AirTrack assists companies in obtaining a clear, complete, and up-to-date view of all assets.

How AirTrack supports JSM

With the integration of AirTrack into Atlassian's portfolio, Jira Service Management will provide customers with a more comprehensive and accurate view of all critical assets. This enables companies to manage their IT infrastructure more efficiently, reducing operational risks and costs.

With over 30 out-of-the-box data connectors, IT Operation teams can aggregate and cleanse their entire IT data from diverse asset discovery tools, databases, and components, without being tied to a single discovery tool. This significantly improves data coverage and quality.

Furthermore, the rapid data reconciliation quickly identifies discrepancies in different systems, rapidly detects potential issues, and accelerates error resolution. This includes uncovering missing service dependencies that could impact incident resolution or the reporting of total cost of ownership. Additionally, it identifies devices not scanned by security tools, minimizing potential attack surfaces, and machines not managed by endpoint management solutions, allowing for quick resolution of potential security vulnerabilities.

In conjunction with Atlassian Compass, the combination of AirTrack and Jira Service Management also provides an accurate overview of all service dependencies in Development and IT. Teams gain better visibility into the infrastructure supporting critical services, along with relevant information from development tools about the engineering components on which these crucial business applications and services depend. This promotes smarter, safer changes and enables swift responses to incidents.

However, the integration of AirTrack goes beyond conventional IT applications. In an increasingly digital world, companies face the challenge of effectively tracking non-IT-related assets. The acquisition of AirTrack is part of Atlassian's holistic strategy to support companies in diverse use cases. This will allow for the aggregation of information about a wide range of assets, helping companies tackle challenges related to security and compliance, inventory and billing, as well as forecasting and planning with ease.

Atlassian's mission in IT Service Management

In recent years, Atlassian has strategically invested in IT Service Management (ITSM). The acquisition of AirTrack marks a significant move in this investment strategy, complementing previous acquisitions like Opsgenie for incident and on-call management, Code Barrel for automation, Mindville Insight for asset and configuration management, ThinkTilt for low-code/no-code forms, Halp for conversational ticketing, and  for innovative AI capabilities.

AirTrack accelerates Atlassian's efforts to deliver powerful and fast service management solutions to a broader range of teams in Development, IT, and Business. Currently, Jira Service Management provides high-velocity service to nearly 50,000 customers worldwide, making it the fastest-growing solution in the market.

In addition to financial investments, Atlassian is committed to continually improving the quality and scope of its products. The recent innovations in AI-driven service management are a significant step to help companies offer outstanding service not only faster but also on a large scale with an intuitive user experience. This move allows Atlassian to build on its reputation as a leading provider of collaborative development tools while venturing into the field of artificial intelligence.

Want to learn more about the acquisition of AirTrack and its integration into the Atlassian portfolio? Feel free to reach out to us or schedule a meeting directly with our CSO, Christopher Mohr.

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