Jira Service Management meets Microsoft 365: Your path to a fully connected IT service desk

Gone are the days when employees had to resort to scattered communications like phone calls, emails, or physical help desks to submit service requests. Internal customers are used to office tools like Microsoft Teams. Justifiably, they now expect smooth internal communication in real time.

How can an IT service desk be optimally set up with Jira Service Management and Microsoft 365? And how is this specifically represented in a JSM ticket? Read more in our blog post from yasoon.

Combined product worlds: JSM meets Microsoft 365

Atlassian Jira Service Management (JSM) is growing rapidly – more than 35,000 customers are using Atlassian’s ITSM tool. Service agents can use JSM to manage and document service requests efficiently and cleanly. For internal customers, JSM’s self-service portal makes it easy to submit service requests.

Microsoft 365 and the Office suite are widely used in organizations of all sizes. With 300 million licensed users and 145 million daily active Microsoft Teams users (as of Q3 2021), there is a broad user base communicating through the Office suite.

If we compare the two products, we can conclude that JSM is thus an ideal place to organize and manage an IT service desk. Microsoft 365, on the other hand, provides an elaborate way for enterprises to communicate and collaborate. Against this background, the following thesis is obvious:

Both product worlds in combination make ITSM even more efficient and targeted. How can such an IT service desk be set up from JSM and Microsoft 365?

The fully connected service desk: Microsoft 365 for Jira

The app Microsoft 365 for Jira by yasoon connects these two product worlds. Due to the deep integration of Microsoft Teams and Outlook to JSM, tickets can be solved and documented even more efficiently.

JSM self-service portal in Microsoft Teams

Let your internal customers create support tickets directly from Microsoft Teams. The support team receives the info in Jira Service Management and can chat with the user within the ticket – based on the existing Microsoft Teams chat.

JSM Self-Service-Portal in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams – Chats in JSM

Support teams can also start Microsoft Teams conversations directly in Jira when processing service tickets. Teams channels or chats can be selected for this purpose. The ticket is connected to the conversation in Microsoft Teams and everyone can collaborate in the desired tool.

Microsoft Teams – Chats in JSM

Microsoft Outlook – Emails in JSM

Many emails are still sent as part of support requests. These can also be mapped directly in Jira. Share, read and send emails or entire email histories in the Jira ticket. The entire support team stays in the loop: future responses are also automatically displayed in the Jira ticket.

Microsoft Outlook – E-Mails in JSM

Microsoft Outlook – Meetings in JSM

If a service request is more complex or requires coordination, you can schedule an Outlook or Teams meeting in JSM. You will see the availabilities of the users involved and can directly send an invitation from the Jira ticket to your colleagues. All meeting details can be customized according to your needs.

Microsoft Teams – Meetings in JSM

Benefits of the fully connected service desk: Fast and clear communication

Microsoft Teams chats in JSM facilitate synchronous communication with internal customers. Minor issues can be handled and resolved faster on average within a short 10-15 minute chat or a Teams call. Synchronous collaboration across different service teams is also possible. This keeps the JSM queue uncluttered, and agents focused by not having to deal with too many issues at once.

Service agents can prioritize requests and better decide which issue is more complex, important, or urgent. At the same time, internal customers save time when creating service tickets and get an answer to their question faster. Since everything is documented in JSM in a sustainable way, management also gains insight into the teams’ support work and can more easily track and measure service performance against KPIs and SLAs.

Benefits of the fully connected service desk: Improved customer satisfaction

The minimum expectation of customers is that their problem will be solved as quickly as possible. To exceed this expectation, the process must become as smooth and positive as possible. Through the JSM self-service portal in Microsoft Teams, customers can create issues directly in their preferred tool, Microsoft Teams. They don’t have to leave Microsoft Teams to report an issue in JSM and can chat directly with the support team in the communication tool of their choice. Unlike asynchronous communication like email, Microsoft Teams chat in JSM results in more casual, friendly communication. This is also beneficial for service agent motivation. In addition, customers are significantly more trusting and satisfied after the request has been resolved through a direct chat. It allows immediate and positive feedback that can be followed up. Overall, the integration of JSM and Microsoft 365 increases customer satisfaction as requests can be handled individually and promptly.

Microsoft 365 for Jira is available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Try it out and work with your fully connected IT service desk!

You want to know more about an IT service desk set up with Jira Service Management and Microsoft 365? Want to learn more about the Atlassian Step-up credit? We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us or arrange an appointment with our CSO Christopher Mohr.

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