Atlassian lowers user tier for Cloud Enterprise

With the EU Financial Services Addendum (EU FSA) for European financial services institutions introduced in December 2021 and the associated compliance with EBA and BaFin outsourcing regulations, Atlassian has significantly lowered the cloud migration threshold for FinTech companies, banks and insurance companies. As part of the recent adjustment to the Cloud Enterprise Plan, another hurdle has now been overcome: Atlassian Cloud Enterprise including EU FSA is now available for companies from regulated areas with a lower user tier.


Only organizations in the following industries are eligible for the Atlassian Cloud Enterprise Plan with lowered user tiers:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Capital Markets
  • Real estate
  • Diversified financial services

Customers who do not purchase the Enterprise Plan, but Standard or Premium, won’t get access to these capabilities.

With this adjustment, Atlassian is addressing the high demand for cloud solutions for highly regulated industries that have not been able to migrate due to their too small number of employees. Financial services companies can now migrate to Atlassian Cloud Enterprise with a significantly lower number of users for Jira Software and Confluence as well as a significantly lower number of agents for Jira Service Management than was the case in the past.

Lower user tiers only for companies from regulated sectors

Atlassian justifies the current situation that so far only companies from regulated sectors can make use of the lower user tiers by a better control of demand and expenditure. In 2023, the lowered user tiers will also be available to companies from other industries.

The preference of banks, insurance companies and the like is based on the fact that companies from highly regulated industries are subject to very strict regulations. For them, security and compliance are still the biggest obstacles when it comes to cloud migration. To help unblock these customers and make Atlassian Cloud a viable option for their business, Atlassian has built industry-specific compliance capabilities that are only available on the Cloud Enterprise Plan.

Due to the introduction of the lower user tiers, more customers will be able to purchase the Cloud Enterprise Plan and, in combination with the EU FSA, have everything in place to meet all necessary compliance regulations.

The Cloud Enterprsie Plan for highly regulated organizations

As one of the most targeted industries, financial services institutions are subject to strict regulations when it comes to the handling of sensitive data. They need solutions that allow them to work with this data without violating compliance regulations. Atlassian’s Cloud Enterprise Plan is designed especially for these industries, helping organizations that must adhere to the most advanced security and compliance controls to manage data securely and compliantly. Learn more about Atlassian’s innovation for large enterprises.

Do you work for a financial services institution and want to migrate to the cloud? We are looking forward to helping and advising you on the requirements to purchase the Cloud Enterprise Plan. Contact us or arrange an appointment with our CSO Christopher Mohr.

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