Optimize onboarding and procurement with JSM and Jira Assets

Efficient onboarding, procurement, and service management are critical for businesses to operate smoothly. For setting up these processes in a user-friendly, easy-to-maintain, and standardized manner, many companies rely on Jira Service Management. This solution does, however, come with its own set of challenges despite offering a number of added features tailored for IT and service teams. But, with the right apps and integrations, you won't even notice them.

Jodocus Onboarding and Procurement with JSM and Jira Assets

Addressing common JSM challenges with onboarding and procurement

Onboarding and procurement processes involve several key components, including asset identification, allocation, tracking, and maintenance. When properly executed, these not only ensure smooth and optimized performance and reliability but also decrease operational costs. With the right JSM app, such as Shoppie developed by Caelor and seamlessly integrated with Jira Assets, the following issues become a thing of the past:

Using third-party solutions

One of the primary challenges companies face when using Jira Service Management for onboarding and procurement is the need to resort to third-party solutions. This means that companies, already invested in Atlassian services have additional expenses for separate onboarding and procurement tools. An example of such a service is "ServiceNow," which offers a variety of solutions, including procurement. Shoppie's ultimate goal is to bridge this gap by bringing a comprehensive solution within the Atlassian ecosystem, eliminating the need for costly third-party tools.

Slow and complicated processes

The process of acquiring onboarding equipment and services can often be sluggish and complicated, creating bottlenecks in the workflow. This can include everything from the initial step, where employees need to find what's available, to the actual ordering of items. Shoppie leverages the power of two JSM services - Jira Assets and the JSM portal. By seamlessly integrating these two elements, it provides a streamlined process that offers a clear and efficient path from viewing available items to placing orders.

Lack of spending oversight

Maintaining transparency and control over spending is crucial for any company. With Shoppie, each order and the items ordered are meticulously recorded in the form of Jira issues. This detailed tracking allows agents or procurement managers to gain insights into the items ordered/bought, their details, individual prices, and the total order cost. Shoppie, in this sense, acts as a financial watchdog, enabling companies to have a tighter grip on their assets and expenses.

Inefficient onboarding

Efficient onboarding is vital for both the company and new employees. A smooth onboarding experience ensures that newcomers quickly adapt to their roles and responsibilities. Equipping them with the right hardware and software is essential for this purpose. Shoppie simplifies the process by providing new employees with a user-friendly interface that offers a clear view of available items tailored to their needs. This results in an onboarding experience that is both efficient and hassle-free while providing a user-friendly and online shop-like experience.

Inaccurate inventory data

Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of available items is essential to prevent operational hiccups. Jira Assets comes to the rescue here. Administrators can efficiently manage inventory using custom fields and an "in stock" option, streamlining the process of updating inventory information. With Shoppie's integration with Jira Assets, the task of keeping track of what's in stock becomes an effortless task.

Jodocus Onboarding and Procurement Asset Management

Say goodbye to the complexities of asset management with Shoppie by your side

If you're a company using Jira Service Management (JSM) Premium and already managing your assets, Shoppie is designed with you in mind. Its goal is to reach companies of all sizes that rely on asset management and offer a comprehensive package of services within the Atlassian ecosystem.

Shoppie maximizes the potential of Atlassian's Assets by seamlessly importing existing data and presenting it in an online shop view within your JSM portal. From categories to item images, names, prices, and item details, Shoppie leverages Assets to provide you with a comprehensive asset management solution.

Shoppie offers more than just simplicity; it also delivers adaptability and an exceptional user experience. With Shoppie, you can:

  • Create unlimited catalogs tailored to your unique business needs. These catalogs can seamlessly connect with your JSM request types.
  • Select your desired Jira assets object schema and choose the object types you want to import into your catalog.
  • Control what information is displayed in the shop overview and product details views based on Jira Assets attributes.
  • Add information to Jira Assets using automation rules, streamlining your workflow and reducing manual input.
Jodocus Asset Management with Shoppie

Built with Forge, Shoppie is future-proof, taking advantage of the powerful framework provided by Atlassian. You can rest easy, as data storage and security are in capable hands. Additionally, the decision to build Shoppie in Forge ensures excellent support from the Forge team and Atlassian.

What's more, Shoppie is accessible to a wide range of users - from in-house teams to JSM customers, and even anonymous users. Imagine the possibilities – you could potentially create a store right within your JSM portal, making it even more convenient for everyone involved.

Shoppie benefits at a glance

Centralized system:

  • Streamlined service request management
  • Transparent view of requested items in Jira issues

Enhanced user experience:

  • Intuitive and well-designed shop interface
  • Quick item search, reducing search time
  • Non-technical users can easily request items and report issues with owned items      

Product details:

  • Clear, concise, and comprehensive product information
  • Informed decision-making for customers and employees

Availability information:

  • Clear indication of stock levels
  • Avoids lengthy and inefficient communication and ordering processes


  • Designed for JSM premium instances
  • Utilizes existing data Assets
  • New assets automatically added to the catalog
Jodocus Onboarding and Procurement with Shoppie


Jira Service Management and Jira Assets can significantly improve onboarding, procurement, and service management processes within companies. By centralizing request management, automating workflows, and providing comprehensive tracking and reporting overviews, these solutions make it easier to manage and optimize these critical areas of operation. Harnessing the power of Jira Assets and Jira Service Management with Shoppie - Assets integrated shop for JSM can lead to increased efficiency, better resource usage, and enhanced employee and customer satisfaction. If you haven't already, it's time to consider incorporating this powerful app into your company's workflow for a more streamlined and efficient future.

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