7 reasons for Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud brings all the benefits of Atlassian together in one smart platform that integrates all your tools and grows with you, your goals and your business. As a software-as-a-service, Atlassian Cloud helps you design all your workflows more efficiently and focus on your core business: Your tools are hosted and operated directly by Atlassian, the entire administration is simplified and collaboration as well as productivity in the team are strengthened. This allows business decisions to be made faster and projects to progress more quickly – no matter from where and via which device.

Advantages of Atlassian Cloud at a glance

1. Advanced data security

In the age of remote work and cybersecurity risks, data protection and the secure granting of access rights are of great importance to companies. With Atlassian, you have a partner you can fully trust. Security is considered Atlassian’s cornerstone and is tightly integrated into Atlassian Cloud. To ensure enterprise data is protected, Atlassian works with in-transit and at-rest data encryption, as well as Mobile Device Management and IP positive lists. Security controls such as SAML SSO and SCIM User Lifecycle Management provide additional security. In addition, Atlassian Access enables organizations to protect their data with authentication controls. The solution provides enterprise-wide visibility and centralized controls for security and user management across all Atlassian Cloud products.

2. Meet extensive compliance requirements

To ensure that moving to the cloud protects sensitive workloads while implementing and complying with complex regulatory requirements, rulebooks, and regulations, Atlassian Cloud meets numerous global compliance requirements with features such as data residency and coverage for SOC2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27018, DSGVO, and BaFin. These coverages are continuously expanding to help organizations meet their compliance mandates. Furthermore, Atlassian’s cloud products are periodically audited by independent third parties for compliance with applicable global security, privacy and compliance requirements and are certified accordingly.

3. Meet highest privacy requirements

As the largest hosting provider, Atlassian is committed to meeting the highest data protection requirements worldwide. All internal data protection processes and procedures are transparently documented and can be viewed by the customer at any time. Additionally, information is provided about who can access personal data and for what purpose.
Atlassian’s employees receive comprehensive training on the most important and latest data protection and security procedures, as well as on compliance with industry best practices. They also commit to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of data.
Atlassian’s main interest is to help companies manage personal data autonomously while complying with global data protection requirements such as the EU-standard GDPR directives.

Note: Atlassian Cloud includes Data Residency. This feature allows organizations to choose the region where application data is stored (e.g., the European Union).

4. Highest Reliability and performance

To ensure the highest reliability and performance for its customers, Atlassian hosts its cloud products on industry-leading AWS infrastructure. With flexible scalability, multi-tier redundancy, and cross-region options for outages, Atlassian reduces latency, ensures high availability, and enables scaling according to its customers’ needs. All cloud products, applications and networks are designed to be stable and secure, even with high user volumes. This enables customers to quickly and productively implement mission-critical projects and workflows in Atlassian Cloud. Besides that, Atlassian offers a financially backed SLA for 99.9% availability in its Jira and Confluence tariffs, and a financially backed SLA for 99.95% availability in the Jira and Confluence Enterprise tariffs.

5. Centralized governance with Atlassian Access

Atlassian Cloud allows you to manage all users in one place – regardless of which cloud product is used. Atlassian Access makes it possible. With this solution, organizations get a centralized admin console that helps them create a scalable governance plan without compromising agility or collaboration. In addition, Atlassian Access helps implement authentication capabilities within the Enterprise Class and provides visibility into all of your organization’s domains.

6. Simplified administration and handling

In Atlassian Cloud, you no longer have to focus on maintaining your servers, saving you time to focus on strategic tasks and important business goals. Atlassian takes care of the entire operation and hosting of your applications, including all hardware purchase and maintenance costs. You only pay for the actual number of users of the applications.
The ease of use of Atlassian Cloud products also saves time. Thanks to their new user interface, interactions for teams are even more intuitive and fluid.
And thanks to Atlassian Access, organizations benefit from organizational insights and audit logs, while admin insights in Premium and Enterprise enable proactive reporting and analytics.

Info: Atlassian provides all cloud applications as a mobile app – for free. This allows teams to access their applications on the go.

7. Automated updates

In Atlassian Cloud, customers get the latest features without the administrative effort of upgrades and maintenance. All updates are automated with no downtime, so teams always have access to the latest version of their application – no matter when or where they’re working from.
With release tracking and sandbox environments in the Premium and Enterprise plans, updates can be additionally tested and rolled out at the pace that meets your organization’s needs.

Want to know more about Atlassian Cloud and its benefits? We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us or arrange an appointment with our CSO Christopher Mohr – we look forward to your message.

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