8 advantages of having an Atlassian partner

Many companies have chosen Atlassian products to streamline their business processes. This decision is undoubtedly a major step towards efficiency and optimized collaboration. But the journey shouldn't end there.

An Atlassian partner can help companies harness the full potential of Atlassian tools. From selecting the right products to implementation, employee training, and continuous optimization, Atlassian partners offer experience and expertise. They help understand complex requirements and optimize both the use of products and workflows.

In this article, we'll explain why having an Atlassian partner is essential and shed light on eight benefits that come with partnering. From product procurement to ongoing support, a partner can make a significant difference in achieving goals efficiently.

1. Select the right products

The variety of products offered by Atlassian can be overwhelming. With a wide range of solutions for project management, team collaboration, service management, or software development, knowing which products make sense and meet the requirements is crucial. An Atlassian partner not only has comprehensive knowledge of all the products but also understands the specific needs of different industries and company sizes. Through close collaboration and analysis, a partner can help develop tailored solutions that align with the company's specific needs and goals. This individual approach ensures that the investment in Atlassian products pays off in the long run.

2. Save on licensing costs

Software licensing is a significant investment for any company. With an Atlassian partner familiar with the various licensing models and options, cost-saving potentials can be realized. Based on a detailed analysis of license usage, they ensure that only the licenses needed are purchased.

Moreover, Atlassian partners often have special conditions and discounts that they pass on to their customers. Through their close relationship with Atlassian, they have access to offers and benefits that enable additional savings.

A partner can also assist with license management, ensuring that you always have an overview of license usage and renewals. This minimizes the risk of unintentional license violations and unnecessary costs.

3. Implement and configure products

Implementing and configuring the products requires a deep understanding of the platform and the company's specific requirements. The functionality and flexibility of the products often make this process complex and challenging. An Atlassian partner offers experience as well as proven methods to ensure that the systems are optimally configured. They navigate through configuration challenges by applying best practices while considering your operational workflows.

When working with an Atlassian partner, you can be sure that the products are not only properly configured but also seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, minimizing downtime.

4. Support and maintenance (managed service)

Even after the implementation of Atlassian products, reliable support is necessary. It ensures that the systems function smoothly, and the business runs continuously. An Atlassian partner offers companies professional support and maintenance services, available at all times to answer questions and solve problems –  whether it's technical difficulties, configuration adjustments, or general inquiries.

Furthermore, a managed service approach provides the opportunity to proactively monitor and maintain Atlassian systems to identify and address potential issues early before they affect the business. A partner performs regular maintenance, installs security updates, and conducts performance analyses to ensure that your systems always function optimally.

5. Optimization and further development

Atlassian regularly updates and enhances its products to keep pace with changing requirements and technological advancements. Thanks to their comprehensive understanding of the Atlassian platform and its features, partners can analyze your system and provide recommendations for optimizations and upgrades. This ensures that you always benefit from the latest features and improvements.

Furthermore, your Atlassian partner keeps you informed about all relevant changes and updates. They notify you in advance about upcoming changes in the product landscape and assist you in seamlessly integrating them.

6. Product trainings

Efficient use of Atlassian products requires a thorough understanding of their features and applications. Therefore, employee training is essential to fully leverage the potential of these tools. An Atlassian partner offers customized training programs (on-site or virtual) tailored to the company's needs. Many partners provide training for both new and experienced users to ensure that all employees have the necessary expertise.

Training can also support the cultural transformation within your company, enabling employees to adapt to new workflows and collaborate more effectively.

7. Benefit from the partner network

Collaborating with an Atlassian partner that has a large partner network offers numerous benefits to companies. They have access to a variety of resources and experts to help solve specific challenges.

By closely collaborating with various partners, an Atlassian partner can tap into a wide range of knowledge and experience. This allows companies to benefit from best practices, innovative solutions, and industry-specific expertise to effectively achieve their business goals.

A comprehensive partner network also provides the opportunity to scale and customize tailored solutions. Moreover, it allows for the expansion of network and participation in cross-industry events and activities, which can help companies identify new business opportunities, exchange best practices, and learn from other companies' experiences.

8. Save costs

Another important reason to choose an Atlassian partner is the prospect of long-term cost savings. By utilizing partner services, companies can optimize internal processes and allocate resources to other important tasks. At the same time, partners ensure that the investment in Atlassian products is maximized, contributing to reducing overall operating costs over time.

Furthermore, some Atlassian partners often offer customized packages and flexible billing models, allowing companies to optimize expenses and efficiently manage their budgets.

Finding the right Atlassian partner for your company

Companies that do not yet have a partner really should consider partnering with one. But as in all areas of life, the principle applies here too: "Examine who you want to commit to forever." It is essential to find among the many partners the one that not only has the necessary expertise but also matches your company's culture.

As an experienced Atlassian Platinum Solution partner focussed on Cloud and ITSM, we always approach our customers on an equal footing and become part of their team. We have already supported numerous companies on their journey to optimal use of Atlassian products, including companies from highly regulated industries and international big players.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Just contact us – we look forward to your inquiry and together we can enhance the efficiency of your workflows.

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