Atlassian unveils AI assistants on Team '23: Atlassian Intelligence

At Team '23, Atlassian unveiled a new AI-based chatbot solution called Atlassian Intelligence (AI), which helps teams work together more effectively. We were able to get a first look at AI in Las Vegas and give an overview here.

At its flagship event Team '23, Atlassian unveiled a new AI-based chatbot solution called Atlassian Intelligence (AI). This solution is based on OpenAI's technology and offers numerous features to help teams collaborate effectively. We were able to take a first look at AI in Las Vegas.

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence

During the keynote presentation of Atlassian Intelligence, Atlassian presented five application areas that we would like to take a closer look at here:

Get instant help

Atlassian Intelligence can help support teams handle customer requests more effectively and quickly. As a chatbot, AI can automatically answer simple questions and forward customer requests to the right person to ensure faster processing and solving of customer issues. In certain cases, requests can also be closed directly by Atlassian Intelligence; the keynote provided the following example:

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence Chatbot Charlie

According to Atlassian, more than half of all internal requests can be supported by Atlassian Intelligence in the first month.

Get up to speed

Also impressive is that Atlassian Intelligence ist able to summarize the history of a support ticket – this is especially helpful when dealing with tickets with many comments, attachments, or multiple topics.

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence ticket summary

It only takes one click and and it brings together the most important findings from an issue so that agents can keep track of it and even a new agent can take over an existing ticket without much effort.

Accelerate work

Similarly, Atlassian Intelligence can also formulate or paraphrase answers to customer questions in Jira Service Management. The tone or mood can also be selected, for example, empathetic:

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence answer customer request

The answers formulated by AI can still be individually adjusted by the agent before they are sent and are thus strictly speaking only suggestions. Agents still retain control.

We were particularly impressed that Atlassian Intelligence not only produces simple text, but also understands more complex queries and can also use advanced editor features, such as tables.

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence tables

This also works in Confluence, for example when merging meeting notes:

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence Confluence summary

Learn on the fly

Especially in larger organizations - but not only there – there is a lot of jargon, project names and abbreviations that are not directly familiar to new team members. This is where Atlassian Intelligence comes in, providing quick and straightforward summaries, comparable to a dictionary entry.

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence dictionary

Atlassian Intelligence draws information from across the Atlassian instance to create short, concise summaries that can provide initial insight into a topic or project. An Explain button in the context menu can be used to trigger this feature.

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence explain

Answer anything

And of course there is also the possibility to formulate very general questions to Atlassian Intelligence. This can happen via the chat/search field that will be provided in the future:

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence answer anything

The queries are basically executed in the user context, so AI knows (as in the example above) who is making a query and can adapt the answer accordingly.

The ability to ask free-form questions is not limited to simple answers, but can also be used to create SQL queries in Atlassian Analytics.

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence sql query

And of course, JQL queries can be created in the same way:

Jodocus Atlassian Intelligence jql query


Atlassian Intelligence is a powerful AI solution that helps teams work more effectively and handle customer requests faster and more accurately. The assistant can summarize Jira and Confluence pages, write and rewrite answers for customers in Jira Service Management, answer questions about data in Jira or Confluence, and translate free-form data queries into SQL and JQL. Overall, Atlassian Intelligence is an impressive tool that can streamline team workflows and increase efficiency. Those who are now also interested can join the early access waiting list.

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